High land prices in urban areas are a problem for young people, especially those who have just started a family and do not have a home. Offices tend to be located in urban areas and buying or building houses in suburban areas will make it difficult to access the workplace.

Generally, 2-storey house designs that carry a minimalist design are small to medium in size, which will save you costs in building a house by utilizing vertical space.

  1. Casa Caja Cheap Design
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This house makes use of inexpensive housing materials in the form of concrete bricks with concrete floors without tiles to reduce construction costs. The interior and exterior are not coated with paint, only reveal the surface of the concrete material, and still look beautiful.

  1. Minimalist Flat Roof Design
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This one design carries an open minimalist concept, where the front of the house uses the walls as doors and windows. This 2-story house design does not apply a steep roof but a flat roof.

  1. Promenade House Design
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This super slim house is the work of Japanese architect Kouichi Kimura. Only 2.7 meters wide, this 2-story house design has a length of 27 meters. Even though it is narrow, the space requirements in this house can be fulfilled thanks to the vertical space and utilizing the existing land length.

  1. Moore Park Residence Design
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Applying a natural concept, this tiny 2-storey house design has a minimalist interior design that utilizes wood elements.

  1. Tiny 2-Storey House Design
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This small, modern minimalist style 2-storey house is suitable for a new family with 2 children. Despite its small size, the impression of elegance and luxury, and beauty arises from the green yard and garden environment.

  1. Look Unique with a Rectangle Shape
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This unique 2-storey house actually has 3 floors, but the ground floor is used as a garage. In very dense urban areas, land for parking cars can be initiated by building a garage like this.

  1. Cottage houses
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The first impression you get from the design of this 2-story house is that it is shaped like a cottage on the beach. Using glass for the front of the house, the intensity of the light entering during the day can be fulfilled.

  1. Classic with white exterior
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The small 2-storey minimalist house design doesn’t mean it can’t look outstanding, you know! This small 2-story house has proven it.

  1. Flat Top Cube Design
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This one house is shaped like a cube with a flat roof. With a shape like this, you can get a wider room so that you can leave land for the yard or back porch of the house.

  1. Home Design with Extra Rooftop
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This 2-story house design utilizes the roof as a rooftop which can be accessed via the outer side staircase on the 2nd floor veranda.

  1. Appear Outstanding with Wood Elements
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Wood elements are currently rarely used as home materials. You can build an outstanding 2-story minimalist house with wooden elements.

  1. Futuristic and Modern
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The interesting thing about minimalist home design is the simplicity of the design that creates a futuristic and modern impression like this 2-story house design.

  1. Kodasema House
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This 2-storey house design was created by the architectural firm Kodasema. Only an area of ​​25 m², this house has a room that functions like an ordinary house such as a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bed.

  1. “Back To The Nature” Design
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This house was designed and built by Alex Scott Porter for his father who is a retired professor at Colombia University. This 2-story house design utilizes solar power as a source of electricity where there is a power storage battery that can function at least one week to meet the electricity needs of the house.

  1. Vacation Cabin Design
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Having a cabin-like design, this house will look unique in urban areas. Utilizing wood material coated with red paint on the outer walls, the interior itself exposes the color of the wood material, so it is very suitable as a place to rest for a holiday feeling.

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