Pastel colors are colors that are obtained from a mixture of primary colors and white. For example, red and white or blue and white. The result, pastel colors look bright and soft. Because of this nature, sometimes pastel colors are synonymous with girly and adorable impressions and cannot be refused by women.

You can find these pastel colors not only in the form of accessories, but also in the form of home decorations such as the following items that will make your home even more beautiful.

  1. Using pastel color wall paint
pastel decor 1

Currently, there are many choices of house paint colors that can be adjusted to your favorite interior concept. For a small house, choose soft pastel colors with bright color combinations.

  1. Flower vase with elements of pastel colors
pastel decor 2

The living room feels empty? Sweeten with this vase with a touch of pastel colors! This flower vase that has elements of pastel colors, namely blue, can be placed on the coffee table or in a corner near the window frame. The flower vase will look even more adorable if you add plastic decorative flowers in white or matching blue colors.

  1. Wall shelf with pastel color background
pastel decor 3

For dwellings with a minimalist interior concept, wall shelves are the right choice for storing items or displaying knick-knacks. Not only unique because the shape resembles the silhouette of a house, this wall shelf is also super cute because the background uses pastel colors.

These adorable decorations are definitely not enough if there is only one, so make sure you buy more than one wall shelf and use different pastel colors for the backgrounds.

  1. Various displays in pastel colors
pastel decor 4

If you see a variety of displays in pastel colors like this, most people will definitely feel anxious no matter what age they are. If you are one of them, you can try this cute room decor touch with pastel pink colors.

  1. A neutral colored sofa with a touch of pastel colors
pastel decor 5

The sofa in the interior of the living room doesn’t always have to use pink to present pastel colors, you know. Try using a soft color like light gray on the three-seat sofa above. The key is to use the same color category, pastel colors.

  1. Photo frames in various pastel colors
pastel decor 6

Have you ever seen a house without a picture frame? It feels a little hollow, huh. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with putting photo frames in various pastel colors like this. To make it look more adorable, you can replace photos with paintings of plants or animals. Hang your family memoirs in a cute photo frame collage!

All those decorations are so cute, aren’t they? However, you have to be able to hold back when shopping so you don’t waste it.

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