Are you confused about decorating your patio or backyard? Surely you want the terrace of your house to be a fun gathering place with your family or a comfortable banquet place for neighbors who are stopping by at home. It turns out that you know, you put a mini bar on the porch or backyard of your house.

  1. Minimalist mini bar in the outdoor dining room
minibar 2

In the outdoor dining room, you can place a minimalist mini bar under the window that separates the outdoor dining room from the kitchen. The minimalist mini bar design can further strengthen the theme that the dining room carries.

Like the presence of wooden elements on the counters and chairs, the Scandinavian theme that is carried feels even thicker. Susana dining with family feels warmer with minimalist white furniture.

  1. Minimalist mini bar with dry kitchen that opens out
minibar 3

This minimalist mini bar concept with a dry kitchen facing outward puts part of the mini bar indoors and partially outdoors. The kitchen is deliberately made dry because the activities carried out in this minimalist mini bar are not for cooking, but for casual activities such as chatting while eating snacks or heavy meals.

  1. Minimalist mini bar with outdoor BBQ concept
minibar 4

When inviting relatives or close friends to your house, it will be even more exciting if you hold a BBQ event. You can install a grill on a minimalist mini bar.

  1. Casual chat in the roof garden
minibar 4.1

For those of you who have a garden or lounge on the roof of the house, you can place a minimalist mini bar. Adjust the minimalist mini bar design with the garden concept.

In a roof garden with a modern concept, for example, the millennial ash color in a minimalist mini bar can be used as a companion color of white.

  1. Have a narrow terrace corner? Add a minimalist mini bar
minibar 5

You can apply this mini bar design if you have a narrow terrace, but still want to use it as a refreshing area or just to receive guests. You can make a minimalist mini bar by installing wood or shelves on the patio railing, placing a few chairs under it.

  1. Minimalist mini bar with millennium nuance terrace
minibar 6

If you adhere to a modern minimalist concept, this minimalist mini bar design is perfect for placing in the outdoor area of ​​your home. The combination of millennial colors, such as white, black, and gray that looks modern dominates the look of this minimalist mini bar.

  1. Minimalist mini bar on wooden patio
minibar 7

A minimalist mini bar that is placed on the terrace in a wooden house concept can provide new energy for housing. The wooden theme of the minimalist mini bar can add to the cozy patio as a warm outdoor relaxing place.

  1. Lively monochrome patterns in the minimalist mini bar
minibar 8

The concept of minimalism does not mean the absence of decorative ornaments. In applying the minimalist mini bar concept, you can apply a patterned decor to the front of the mini bar counter. In order not to look excessive, add monochromatic colors to it, such as a black and white color combination.

  1. Minimalist floating mini bar
minibar 9

One other alternative that you can try if your terrace is not too big is to use a minimalist mini bar that is made attached to the pillars of the house. The design doesn’t need to be thematic, just play with the color contrast in the selection of mini bar stools.

  1. Minimalist mini bar with neon sparkling
minibar 10

Do you want to have a minimalist mini bar like the one in a club or cafe? You can design a mini bar with a neon accented bar counter. So that the atmosphere of the terrace is more festive and the sparkling neon is more pronounced, place this minimalist mini bar in the middle of the terrace.

  1. Minimalist mini bar with elegant color contrasts
minibar 11

When you want to present a different nuance on your terrace or yard, you can combine the minimalist mini bar concept with a neutral base color with bright decorative items. Like using a minimalist sofa in the same color as the minimalist mini bar chair, then given the final touch in the form of a red cushion.

  1. Gathering more fun at the decorative mini bar
minibar 12

If your house is located in a highland area, surrounded by trees, and the surrounding air temperature is also cold, then it is perfect if you apply this minimalist mini bar design. Surrounded by shady trees, this minimalist mini bar design seems to want to escape the nuances of nature itself.

The minimalist modern concept is present in this mini bar through white as the main color as well as the Chevron patterned carpet decoration. The fireplace installation as well as the cushion and feather blanket are ready to keep you warm.

How interesting is the idea of ​​making a mini bar outside the house? Not only will guests feel at home visiting your house, you will also be more happy to spend time at home.

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