Water becomes an inseparable part of human life, as a source of life that soothes and gives inner peace. For a minimalist house that prioritizes the function of each of its constituent elements, the presence of water that is included in its design must also function optimally.

A fountain is a form of the existence of the water element in a minimalist home. The design of the fountain in a minimalist home becomes a part that integrates with the overall function of the room, becomes a soothing element, as well as a functional element of decoration.

Many people are reluctant to include a fountain in their minimalist home design. Limited land and difficult maintenance are the reasons, even though there are actually many creative ideas to create imagination and dream fountains in a minimalist home. Let’s find inspiration for a fountain design to cool your minimalist home in this article!

  1. Simplicity with deep meaning
fountain design ideas 2

In its simplicity, clear water flows through a small gap, soaks the floor below, giving coolness and deep meaning. Water symbolizes success through the gaps of life, which in turn becomes a conditioning for the entire space and people who see and hear its gurgling. You don’t need too much space, you only need 50×50 cm2 in the corner of the room plus the focus of the lighting to get a deep impression like this.

  1. A cool and stunning minimalist rustic fountain design
fountain design ideas 3

You can make this 1 meter high fountain design yourself from the remaining pieces of fence or ceiling iron. The do-it-yourself (DIY) arrangement of iron pieces shows creativity that provides coolness, while emphasizing the elements of vertical and horizontal lines as a characteristic of minimalist design.

A minimalist rustic fountain design can also be placed outdoors. With neat lighting, this simple design can look cool and stunning, beautifying your minimalist garden.

  1. Fountain design as an element of wall decoration
fountain design ideas 4

Indoor water wall fountains or wall fountains can be an inspiration to include water as a unit with the wall, especially in a small minimalist house. Combine the water element with lighting and decorative stones.

  1. Acrylic fountain as a conditioning in the corner of the room
fountain design ideas 5

Acrylic fountain panels are durable and don’t break easily like glass or natural stone fountain panels. The smooth gradation lines are arranged to create beautiful, natural ripples of water.

  1. Water bubble decoration, flexible space conditioner
fountain design ideas 6

Water bubble decorations come in various colors and frame models, being an easy solution to present a water element that cools a minimalist home. The water bubbles seem to give a flow of Zen energy that dances in the light of the LED lights with adjustable light and dark colors.

  1. Small and charming fountain pot
fountain design ideas 7

Water fountain pots come in a variety of designs, materials, colors and sizes. A small fountain pot modeled with a lotus plant flows the cool water with its soft gurgling falling on the white coral. A simple design with a natural theme combines harmoniously with a minimalist concept to provide comfort for its residents.

  1. Cool creative fountain design
fountain design ideas 8

This creative idea is proof of the limitless imagination that can be realized. The water flowed from under the table and fell into the pool below, becoming a small waterfall that looked cool under the yellow light; unique, creative, cool, and soothing.

  1. Design a fountain with fish
fountain design ideas 9

For fish lovers or those who believe that fish brings good luck in the house, this minimalist fish pond design can be an inspiration. A 60×60 cm2 pool is enough to show the beautiful colors of your favorite fish and their habitat.

There are no restrictions in creating and including the water element in a minimalist home design. Your imagination and dream to include a fountain to cool your minimalist home can come true. Look for the technologies and materials that support the design of fountains of all shapes and sizes. Make your dreams come true and feel the coolness of the fountain in your minimalist home!

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