It would have been nice to have a pool at home. Besides being able to exercise with family, swimming pools can also be a means of relaxation and a place to recover. However, limited land and costs can be obstacles when planning to build a swimming pool at home.

One swimming pool design that is suitable for a small yard is a minimalist swimming pool. Because the design of a minimalist swimming pool prioritizes functions and needs, the cost of making and maintaining it can be adjusted according to the budget.

If you are interested in making your own minimalist swimming pool, there are several things that need to be prepared properly. You need to know more about the size of the land, the irrigation system, and the maintenance of the swimming pool.

Even though the land is small, make sure the size of the minimalist swimming pool is still ideal

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In order to consider the comfort of moving, a minimalist swimming pool needs to meet its standard size. The minimum size for a minimalist swimming pool is 6 m x 2 m and is made in an elongated shape. To meet this standard measure, the minimum area of ​​land available must be 8 m x 2 m.

If there is not enough land, alternatively you can choose a minimalist type of swimming pool with flow. In the swimming pool, the user flows seem to be moving even though the water is what makes him move.

Choose a skimmer system as a minimalist swimming pool irrigation system

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In general, there are two types of swimming pool irrigation systems, namely skimmer systems and overflow systems. If you choose the right irrigation system, then the water in a minimalist swimming pool doesn’t need to be replaced again. The filter machine contained in the irrigation system will clean the minimalist pool automatically.

The overflow system requires a water circulation device called a balancing tank. This device requires a large enough area because it will drain the water to the edge of the pond. While the skimmer system does not require a balancing tank to function, it is more suitable for a minimalist swimming pool built on limited land.

Use a rough textured material on the top surface of the pool

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Various ceramics with unique and elegant motifs can indeed enliven the appearance of a minimalist swimming pool. However, is the function correct?

For the area around a minimalist swimming pool, avoid using floor coatings that have a slippery surface because they can endanger users when they go up to the surface. Choose a material that has a rough texture, such as rough-grained floor tiles, gravel, and decorative stones.

As an ornament, use ornamental plants whose leaves don’t fall off easily

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The minimalist swimming pool area will indeed feel cooler when planted with lush plants around it. However, dense plants usually shed their leaves easily. The fallen leaves then fall into the pool to become trash. Like it or not, a minimalist swimming pool must be cleaned more regularly. As a solution, choose palms, dollar plants, and kalatella because they rarely shed leaves.

For maintenance, check the pH level and add chlorine regularly

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Even though you no longer need to drain pool water because a dryer has been installed in the irrigation system, you still need to check the pH level of the water at least once a week. The normal PH level for pool water is 7. For pH that is too high, add HCl acid solution. As for the pH that is too low, add soda ash which is alkaline.

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Chlorine levels also need to be added every month because they affect water conditions, the resistance of pool materials, and the user’s skin. For a minimalist swimming pool measuring 3 m x 9 m requires 3 kg of chlorine. Also add soda ash to tie up the floating dirt to settle at the bottom of the pool so that the minimalist swimming pool is easier to clean.

Hopefully these tips can be the best solution to simplify the process of making a minimalist swimming pool in your home. Good luck!

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