Mothers who like to cook at home certainly crave the presence of their own vegetable garden. The goal is simple, namely to get vegetables that are free of pesticides and of course save money on shopping.

As we already know, the vegetables that are usually bought in the market contain mostly pesticides. These pesticides can be harmful to the health of people who consume them. Why not start your own vegetable garden?

  1. Vegetable garden in indoor shelf
Vegetable Garden 2

For those of you who have limited land to set up your own vegetable garden, try bringing the vegetable garden into the house. To save space, use a multi-storey display rack to place various vegetable pots. Provide enough water and lighting so that vegetable plants can photosynthesize. If necessary, make a special tray to hold the water.

  1. Multi-storey vegetable garden outside the house
Vegetable Garden 3

For those of you who like to experiment with trying new recipes, of course the ingredients needed also vary. There is nothing wrong with growing lots of vegetables at once on one land. It’s just that you need to pay attention to the size of the pot so it doesn’t fill the entire backyard. For small vegetables such as chilies and celery, use a small pot and hang it on the upper wall so you don’t have trouble picking it up.

  1. Vegetable garden for cooking ingredients
Vegetable Garden 4

Fans of Italian cuisine are no stranger to the flavorful leaves of the following foods. Leaves such as basil, rosemary, and oregano dry on the package. Wouldn’t it taste better if you used fresh leaves?

Because you only need these leaves in small amounts, make a living wall or a mini garden house specifically for these leaves. Use used jars as containers. Then write down the name tag so you don’t get it wrong when you want to use it.

  1. Multifunctional mini vegetable garden
Vegetable Garden 5

One more vegetable garden idea for those of you who face limited land. You can make a special box out of wood for growing vegetables with an empty bottom. You can use this lower part as a storage area for cleaning tools or even a bed for your pet! Anyway, don’t just leave any unused space.

  1. Vegetable garden with hydroponic system
Vegetable Garden 6

So far, what we know to grow vegetables requires land as a medium. But with the presence of a hydroponic system, you can get rid of soil. Basically, this hydroponic system relies on water, oxygen and nutrients for plant growth. According to research, the water content used in this hydroponic system is less than farming using soil media.

This vegetable garden with a hydroponic system is suitable for areas that have limited water. Some hydroponic plants in the form of vegetables that can grow with this hydroponic system are peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and various green vegetables. This vegetable garden can be applied indoors or outdoors.

  1. Vegetable garden for those of you who don’t want to squat
Vegetable Garden 7

Too lazy to squat while pulling vegetables when you need them? Try making some neatly arranged tall wooden boxes, you can also use pallet wood. Then arrange the plants by color or type. For example, the first wooden box for carrots, the second box for onions, and so on. The vegetable garden will look tidier and you won’t have to bother squatting anymore.

  1. Mini vegetable garden as well as decorate the room
Vegetable Garden 8

A room decorating garden doesn’t always have to be colorful flowers, right? Green plants such as kitchen spices can also decorate the corner of the room. For example, mint or basil. The room will look fresher as well as have a refreshing fragrance.

Place small pots of herbs near the kitchen window. To make it more beautiful, you can give a placemat in the form of a piece of wood. Become a mini vegetable garden as well as a room decorator!

  1. Vegetable garden or storage drawer?
Vegetable Garden 9

The container for planting turns out to be various, depending on the creativity of each person. For example, a mini vegetable garden or kitchen spices planted in this storage drawer. Even though not all of the drawers are used, this mini vegetable garden still looks beautiful and unique.

  1. A terraced vegetable garden
Vegetable Garden 10

Terraces are usually found in mountainous areas. One of the functions of terracing is to prevent landslides. But in the following vegetable garden inspiration, terraces can be a decorative element. This multilevel model can be an interesting sight.

To distinguish the level area, you can provide a barrier in the form of a wooden fence or stone.

  1. Mini vegetable garden in one large pot
Vegetable Garden 11

For small kitchen spices, maybe you will find it difficult to care for them every day if separated in several pots. Instead, try using a large pot and then planting the herbs next to each other.

When you want to water it, you just have to do it once. Don’t get the way to care for your plants so they can stay alive. So, so you don’t get it wrong when you want to pick and use it, you can use a small nameplate that is stuck near each plant.

  1. Hanging vegetable garden
Vegetable Garden 12

Your house doesn’t have a yard and the inside of the house is too full of all the furniture? Don’t let this make the vegetable garden disappear from the house. Just try implementing a hanging vegetable garden that can save your space in the house. Place it in the kitchen area to make it easier for you to use it.

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