For houses with no roofs, the rooftop relaxing area can be an option at home. The outdoor area on the top floor not only provides an interesting view but also coolness inside and out. This outdoor area can be used as a garden or various other room functions. Here are some rooftop designs that function as useful spaces and make housing more pleasant.

  1. The gathering area
unique rooftop 2

Designing a roof area with a wooden deck and a gathering place will make the atmosphere more intimate for homeowners and families. This shaded sofa area also keeps the people inside protected from the sun. Plus the comfortable sofa seat makes the people inside more relaxed.

  1. Gardening area
unique rooftop 3

The roof area of ​​the house can also be used for gardening. Make the air in the house more comfortable with the many plants that grow around the house. In addition to providing a beautiful view, this roof area can also be used to plant plants that can be consumed or for cooking.

  1. Garden roof
unique rooftop 4

One good use of space in the rooftop area is to make it a garden area. With a room layout and furniture that matches the rooftop area, it will become an exciting garden. However, maintaining the garden on the roof, of course, also needs to be considered because of various factors such as weather and also water absorption in the roof structure of the residence.

  1. Relaxation with a jacuzzi
unique rooftop 5

A house would be great if it has a relaxation area. This relaxation room or area allows the occupants to calm down. With the jacuzi soaking tub, residents can make themselves fresher while seeing the night view. If it’s too cold, a campfire can warm up this relaxing area.

  1. Roof Deck and Glass Roof
unique rooftop 6

The roof area can be used as a deck area to gather together. Various potted plants were placed around this deck area. The glass roof cover needs to be maintained so that it continues to channel light into the space below.

  1. Dining room and outdoor kitchen
unique rooftop 7

The atmosphere when eating will certainly affect your appetite. By designing the dining room and kitchen in the rooftop area, of course, it will make the atmosphere when eating more enjoyable. All kinds of furniture and cooking utensils must be considered. Because of its location on the roof, furniture is also outdoor furniture that can receive heat exposure from the sun and is safe when it rains. Therefore, it can be seen in the design, various kitchen utensils are made of stainless steel.

  1. Rooftop play area
unique rooftop 8

The spacious rooftop can be used as a play area for various groups. Of course, around the rooftop area, it needs to be designed with railings to make it safer for people in the area. Making the rooftop a golf playing area can be an inspiration in itself. However, the grass on this rooftop needs to be cared for and considered to keep it comfortable and beautiful.

  1. Rooftop swimming pool
unique rooftop 9

The swimming pool is one of the attractive designs for the roof of the house. Plus if the surrounding scenery is very beautiful and stunning. The swimming pool provides its own freshness in the dwelling and also on the roof of the house. Not only swimming, residents can also relax or sunbathe on this roof area.

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