Choosing a window design is one of the most mandatory things that every home must have, no matter the house is large, small, or medium. From classic, modern, luxurious, or home models that are currently being loved by many people, namely, minimalist home models. When building a house, people usually don’t pay attention to the windows. They will focus more on the interior design of the house such as the furniture that will be used or the wall design of their home. In fact, choosing a window is very important. Apart from the fact that the window has a function as an incoming air vent, choosing a window with the right design will make your home design look nicer and match the furniture in your home.

  1. Use a window that reflects the architectural style of the house
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All houses have an architectural design style that makes them unique and different from others. To get the right window, the first step to take is to choose a window that suits your home’s design aesthetic.

  1. Determining the Function of the Window
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Basically, the window serves as a ‘path’ so that light can enter your home. However, windows can also be used as doors if the type of window you are using is a sliding window.

  1. Beautify with Colorful Frames and Window Pole
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In addition to the color and architectural style of the house, you can also choose the right window by choosing colorful poles and window frames. For the material, frames and window posts can be made of iron or wood.

  1. Choose the Best Accent Color for the Window Frame
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Choosing an exterior paint color palette can often be confusing. To get the right color, you can also pay attention to the environment around your house or your neighbors’ houses as reference material.

  1. Select a window according to the required amount of ventilation
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One of the important benefits of windows is as ventilation for the exchange of fresh air in the room.

  1. Choose an attractive window for the interior of your home
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Home aesthetics are indeed important. But don’t forget that windows also have an aesthetic function for the inside of your house. Bathroom for example. Choose a window that allows light from outside to enter but is not transparent so that it is not visible to the outside.

  1. Choose a window that suits your needs and tastes
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Currently there are many types of windows that you can choose from. You can choose a classic sash window. This type of window is a window that can be moved up or down or from left to right.

  1. Make the Home Window the Focal Point of Your Interior
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If around your house you have a good view, or the architecture of your house is unique, try using windows with styles, shapes and colors, as well as details that can enliven the interior of your home. In this case, the type of bay window consisting of several sheets of glass can make your home look wider.

  1. Make sure the direction of the sun before choosing a window
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If you are designing a house with the help of an architect or contractor, consider the direction of the sun rising and setting. This is so that the sun does not get too much into your home. This is also so that the temperature in your house is maintained, not too cold, but not too hot.

  1. Installing Windows is a Major Remodeling Project
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Maybe you are intending to change the model of the kitchen or bathroom. Go ahead, but don’t forget to replace your old windows.

  1. Choose the Window, Think of the Curtain too
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When choosing a window model that is suitable for your home, also think about the curtains. Apart from being a barrier to overheating or splashing rain, the curtains also help the room to look beautiful and harmonious.

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