The shape of the house has a lot to do with the character of the house owner. If you like simple home designs, a minimalist home style can be the answer. This house style began to develop in various countries, including Korean-style minimalist houses. Taking advantage of the limited corners of the room, here are the inspiration for Korean-style homes that can be a reference for you.

The location which is located in the middle of the city actually adds to the natural landscaping of this minimalist home terrace with thick brick elements.

kordramas home 1

Green sofa is chosen as a combination of wooden table furniture, air circulation is obtained from the installation of wide sliding glass windows.

kordramas home 2

You can apply glass doors with a combination of white and pastel colors in the living room.

kordramas home 3

The corner of the second floor space can be used as a relaxing space by adding minimalist style furniture.

kordramas home 4

Applying wooden furniture to the dining table area, adding potted plants in the corner of the room makes the atmosphere cooler.

kordramas home 6

Decoration with the help of floating shelves can be applied in the kitchen area, and the kitchen space will feel cozy and neat.

kordramas home 7

Lemon colors can be chosen to give a playful impression to the room.

kordramas home 

Applying neutral tones like gray with the sliding glass main door can be applied in the living room area.

kordramas home 9

Using a partition with sliding glass, the hallway in the corner of the room can be used as a reading room.

kordramas home 10

Utilizing glass walls as natural light, additional floor mattresses and hanging lamps make the room look natural.

kordramas home 11

The wooden bulkhead design can be combined with decorative plant vines in the bedroom area.

kordramas home 12

Tables and temporary seats are perfect for you to apply in a room with limited land.

kordramas home 13

Those were some inspirations from minimalist Korean-style homes that you can apply to your dream home. Hopefully it can inspire you!

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