In decorating a house, sometimes the floor is one that is not really noticed. In fact, choosing a unique and fitting type of floor design can have a big effect on the character and comfort of your home.

Apart from material and texture, floor motifs also need to be considered, both in home and building decoration.

Every type of floor design has its own advantages and disadvantages. Surely everyone wants to have a house with a unique, beautiful, and durable floor design, right?

for those of you who are confused about which one to choose, Rukita has 10 types of unique floor designs that you can see. What kind of floor, huh, is it suitable for your dream house?

  1. Types of marble floor designs
home floor 2

This first type of floor design tends to be more expensive than the others. Marble is also known as a natural stone material which is very strong, resistant to weight, and even fire.

Various motifs and colors make the interior of the house look cute. However, don’t install it outdoors, OK! Marble that is exposed to the sun can easily fade and get moldy.

  1. Types of ceramic floor designs in geometric style
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if this type of unique floor design you will often find. Not only easy to find, ceramic floors also have many interesting motifs.

Ceramic floors are usually a mainstay for bathrooms because they do not absorb water. Choose a ceramic floor with a slightly rough texture so that it is not slippery.

However, you should avoid using tiled floors in the bedroom. The reason is, the room often experiences temperature changes or is unstable so that the ceramic is easily broken.

  1. Types of parquet floor designs
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Basically, there is a unique type of floor design made from wood. However, parquet floors can be said to be an ‘upgraded’ version, so they are more refined, charming, and have various motifs and colors.

Parquet floors will certainly make the family room at home look homey and warm. However, like wood, parquet floors are not strong enough to withstand fire or water.

  1. Types of granite floor designs
home floor 5

Want to bring a glamorous feel at home? This type of granite floor design can be the right choice! Its glossy surface makes granite floors look luxurious compared to other types.

Usually granite floors have soft colors and elegant motifs. Granite floors are also not easily damaged and scratched because of the denser and harder texture.

  1. Types of brick floor designs
home floor 6

For those who like rustic-themed house designs, the type of brick or clay floors will definitely make you interested. Brick floor design is also suitable to be applied in various rooms, from kitchens, bathrooms, to terraces of houses.

The earthy color really gives off a natural and cool impression. Especially when combined with other rustic interiors. In addition, this type of floor is easier to clean, you know!

  1. Types of cement floor designs
home floor 7

Now floors with cement finishes are gaining popularity because of the modern industrial feel they present. Besides looking elegant, this type of cement floor design is definitely more economical.

In order to look perfect, make sure the finishing surface is completely flat and not wavy. In addition, use a mixture of the same cement material so that the color is perfect and not easily cracked.

  1. Types of carpet floor designs
home floor 8

The comfort of this type of floor design is definitely not in doubt. Especially if you choose a soft carpet material throughout the room, it makes you really fancy, deh!

Not only makes it comfortable, the carpet floor also gives a homey impression to the house. It is very suitable to be installed in the room or family room.

However, carpet floors need extra attention in caring for them. Make sure you clean it regularly if you don’t want the carpet to become a nest of dust and germs.

  1. Types of concrete floor designs
home floor 9

Want to create a bold and masculine impression? Just choose this type of concrete floor! Usually, concrete floors are a mainstay in contemporary home designs.

You can also choose a glossy or matte finish as desired. The good thing is, in addition to the solid material, the maintenance of concrete floors is also anti-grip!

  1. Types of laminated wood designs
home floor 10

Just like parquet, this type of floor design is also made from wood. Uniquely, the laminate wood floor design has cool color gradations so it doesn’t look boring.

However, try to avoid furniture that is too heavy so that it is not easily scratched. In addition, if exposed to water, immediately clean it to keep it durable, huh!

  1. Types of travertine flooring designs
home floor 11

This type of travertine floor design is perfect for an elegant rustic home feel. The sandy colors with their cracked textures give it a unique aesthetic value.

The living room of your house will look great with this travetine floor! However, the texture of the floor which tends to be porous makes it easy for dirt to settle if it is not cleaned regularly.

  1. Types of slate floor designs
home floor 12

For an elegant interior, slate floor design can be the right choice! Not only sturdy, this natural stone floor also has a rough texture so it looks unique.

The slate floor design with dark colors will make the space look luxurious. Moreover, the various patterns and colors will make your home look stylish!

  1. Types of linoleum flooring designs
home floor 13

Linoleum can be said to be a type of floor design that is family friendly. Because, this floor design is made of natural materials and is not slippery so it is safe for children.

Linoleum flooring is also available in various colors, ranging from wood to bright as shown above. Ideal for the floor of your family room or your little one’s room!

Those are 12 types of floor designs that can be an option for your dream home. Now you know, right, if the type of floor is not only that?

Whatever your choice, don’t forget to adjust it to the function of the room so that it looks harmonious and durable.

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