The house design in the Parasite film is unique and impressive. This time, Irene wants to reveal how the process behind building a house in this film that won many Oscars 2020.
“Parasite” itself is a Korean comedy thriller film about a poor family who can finally enter and enjoy the life of a rich family.
This film by director Bong Jon Hoo has won four Academy Awards or Oscars 2020. The director, Bong Joon Ho and his team are very skilled at designing houses in this film.
House in Film Parasite Created by Namgoong Hyeonja Architects

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In building the house, Bong Joon Ho collaborates with Lee Ha Jun as the production designer. In this film, the modern architecture of the rich man’s house is designed by a fictional architect named Namgoong Hyeonja. This fictional architect idea came from the designer, Lee Ha Jun.
Even though he is not an architect, Lee tries to come up with the right house design. He imagined how to be both an architect and a production designer.
Challenges in Home Designing in Parasite Film

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According to Bong, the challenge he gave Lee wasn’t just to create a visually beautiful set. But it also presents a stage that can meet the exact needs of the camera, composition and character.
We all probably believe that the film takes place in a real house. In fact, Bong asked his production designer to create a set, the home of the rich and the poor, both of which are built on open land.
Interior and Natural Lighting

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To make it happen, Bong and Lee used natural lighting for the scenes in ‘Parasite’. They also don’t use a lot of color for the rich man’s house, Mr. Park House.
For the interior, mostly dark wood and gray materials are used to accentuate the contrast with the exterior. Bong and Lee also put in yellow practical lights to create a warm atmosphere.
Modern-Futuristic Design in a Home in Parasite Film

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Mr. house Park is designed with a modern-futuristic design with a natural touch. We will see a large yard with manicured green grass surrounding the house.
On the inside of the house there is a functional minimalist interior. All of the furnishings give off an elegant and sophisticated geometric feel.
For floors, the family room uses wood material so that it gives a comfortable and warm impression. It is furnished with gray sofas and low tables and dim lights.
Featuring Stairs and Semi Basement

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If you realize, Mr. rich house. Park and the poor house actually have a semi-basement concept. Both houses have several stairs of various sizes in the house.
According to Bong, there is a more specific meaning behind this semi-basement selection. Semi-basement is basically something high and low. This shows the different social status of these two families.
Display of Artwork at Mr. Park

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The Park family believes that their son Da-Song has talent in the arts. Bong and Lee showed their parents’ love for their children by displaying works on the walls of the house. We’ll take a look at a number of abstract paintings in Mr’s house. Park.
How? interested in building a modern-futuristic type house like in the parasite movie? I hope this article is useful 🙂

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