The café business is mushrooming because today’s people really like to hang out with friends who are often referred to as socialite activities. Most urban cafes are made indoor to avoid hot weather and air pollution. On the other hand, a café on the outskirts of the city or highlands will be more suitable if made outdoor because the air is cool and the scenery is beautiful.

Interested in entering the café business and building it in the highlands? Here are some outdoor café designs in the world that can give you inspiration!

1. Design an outdoor café with decorative lights

cafe outdoor 1

The design of this outdoor café is very simple. The elements you need are an outdoor area, plants, lights, and table chairs. This outdoor café design which is dominated by wood material provides a long table area and a private table area. On one wall, the owner covers it using a wooden board in a matching color with the table and chairs. While the other walls are left to appear as they are with an image in the form of a café logo. For lighting, there are strands of lights that envelop the tree and stretch from end to end. The design of an outdoor café like this will attract visitors at night because the sparkling lights will be very beautiful, contrasting with the color of the night sky.

2. Design an outdoor café in a modern minimalist style

cafe outdoor 2

Next, there is an outdoor café design with a modern minimalist style for those of you who want to look cheerful without a lot of decoration. The main point of this outdoor café design is the use of various colors and patterns. You can see this in the shape of the long chair, the chevron pattern on the exterior, to the combination of several bright colors at once.

3. Industrial-style outdoor café design

cafe outdoor 3

Industrial-style outdoor café designs are also increasingly favored by young people. The style is very simple and appears as it is. The only elements needed are a high chair, a table made of concrete that is not given an additional coating, and a concrete floor that matches the table. For decoration, you only need to add green plants in pots.

cafe outdoor 4

If the industrial-style outdoor café design seems too cold, you can replace the tables and chairs with wood material. Add a number of vines to decorate the walls.

4. Design a mini outdoor café

cafe outdoor 5

As a beginner in a café business, maybe you want to set it up on a small plot of land first. This mini outdoor café design is perfect for you. Made in shabby chic and vintage style, use a tin chair with peeling paint in several parts. Choose a small wooden round table. To sweeten the design of this one outdoor café, add a mini flower pot to each table.

5. Design an outdoor café with a variety of plants

cafe outdoor 6

The term outdoor is synonymous with various plants? If you think so, then this outdoor café design is the most suitable. In every corner of this café there are various green plants with small flowers. The seats are equipped with cushions so that hanging out is even more comfortable.

6. Design a semi-indoor outdoor café

cafe outdoor 7

Finally, there is a semi-indoor outdoor café design that is minimalist in style. This cafe, which is dominated by wood, has windows that can be opened by pushing it upwards. The visitors can enjoy the fresh air and don’t feel stuffy inside all the time. If the sun is shining hot or it’s raining, they can still hang out comfortably on the inside.

so, have you planned ’bout outdoor café business? good luck with that 😀

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