Choosing the right type of light makes the room aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.
Lights are essential items in home decor. Over time, lamps are not only useful for lighting, but also create aesthetic value in the interior of the house.
Now, there are various types of lamps and lighting techniques that you can choose from. If you are still confused about choosing the right type of lamp for every room in the house, let’s see the following guide!
Types of Lights You Need to Know
Before choosing the right lamp for the room in your house, it’s good to know the types of lights first. Check out the following brief explanation!
1. Incandescent lamp

light 1

This type of lamp has existed from ancient times since 1879. This lamp created by Thomas Alva Edison is most commonly used for home interiors.
Unfortunately, the life span of this incandescent lamp tends to be short, which means it dies quickly! At least, you have to replace it about 3-4 months. Even so, the price is relatively more home, really.
2. Fluorescent lamp

light 2

Compared to conventional incandescent lamps, TL lamps emit a brighter light and are more energy efficient.
If you choose a TL lamp that is of good quality and expensive, then the durability can reach 10 years. For standard TL lamps, it may only last up to 6 months.
3.LED lights (Light Emitting Diode)

light 3

Well, this type of lamp is famous for its long endurance, which is 20-25 years. In addition, LED lamps are also able to save 90% energy because they have a small wattage.
With all its advantages, LED lights are relatively expensive, huh! However, if the calculations are calculated, you can actually save more because you don’t need to buy lights every year.
4. Halogen Lamp

light 4

Halogen lamps emit light and color similar to incandescent bulbs. However, this type of lamp is used less often for home interiors than others.
Usually, halogen lamps are more suitable for home exterior lighting, such as fish ponds, sculptures, ornamental plants, and other artistic objects.
Not only brighter, halogen lamps also create a more dramatic atmosphere. Really right to be used as decorative lights or spotlights.

The Right Light for Every Room
You already know, right, various types of lamps with all their advantages and disadvantages? Now, it’s time to choose the right lamp for every room in the house.
1. Living Room

light in room 1

For the living room, use general lighting and place it in the middle of the room. If the room is large enough, you can also add wall lights at several points.
General lighting itself is a type of lighting that aims to make the entire space clearly visible. This way, chatting in the living room will feel warmer and fresher!
2. Family room

light in room 2

The family room is arguably the core part of the house which is the center of activity. Well, this room is best suited to indirect lighting techniques.

light in room 3

What is meant by indirect lighting? Indirect lighting or indirect lighting is a hidden lighting technique that only takes advantage of the light bias.
Even though it is “hidden”, indirect lighting is able to emit an even light without dazzling your eyes. In addition, the use of indirect lighting also builds a warm and homey atmosphere.
3. Bedrooms

light in room 4

Apart from resting, the bedroom is usually a place for us to do hobbies, such as reading. To create a cozy atmosphere in the room, use yellow light.
Besides that, the yellow light also gives a calm effect, you know! Even spending time in the room after a tiring day will feel good.
4. Bathroom

light in room 5

Usually, the lights used in the bathroom are general lighting. But, you can also combine it with indirect lighting to give a sweet visual effect.
You can put a hidden lamp behind the mirror so that the light refracts. In this way, the appearance of your bathroom will look more aesthetic.
5. Kitchen

light in room 6

Of course we need good lighting so we can cook more comfortably in the kitchen. Ideally, the kitchen room uses general lighting in the form of downlights.
Downlights not only maximize lighting, but also make the space appear wider. In addition, fluorescent lamps along the walls can also be an attractive alternative.
Now you know, right, what type of light is right for each room? By applying this, the atmosphere of your home will be more comfortable and homey.
Don’t forget to also choose the type of energy-efficient lamp, OK! Hopefully this article can inspire you.

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