Decorative plants for home decoration are nothing new. However, the trend of home decoration using plants is currently growing. Besides being able to add to the beautiful atmosphere, the presence of ornamental plants for home decoration can provide its own inspiration.
Especially if ornamental plants for home decoration are placed in a place that is often used for work, for example on a work table. Putting ornamental plants for home decoration on the dining table can also increase your appetite and the green color elements will make the room look fresher.
Inspirations of ornamental plants for home decoration are varied, including potted ornamental plants, leaf ornamental plants, flower ornamental plants, hanging plants, and several other plants classified as indoor ornamental plants. Here is a selection of indoor plants that can be found easily at a plant shop or furniture showroom for home decoration.
1. Aloevera

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Planting Aloe vera or what is known as aloe vera as an ornamental plant for home decoration has many benefits. Its maintenance tends to be easy to attract many people to using aloe vera as an indoor plant. Apart from being an ornamental plant for home decoration, aloe vera is useful as a wound healing medicine, especially as a stimulant or vitamin to nourish hair or maintain healthy hair.
2. Ivy Betel

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Apart from aloe vera, another ornamental plant for home decoration is betel ivory. This ornamental plant can also appear classy. The trick is to put this leaf ornamental plant in a glass glass or transparent vase filled with water.
Betel ivory has been chosen for indoor plants and home decorations because it is very easy to care for. Indoor plants such as ivory betel can still thrive even if placed on an improper planting medium. You can also make beautiful decorations using this plant by making vine media.
3. Snake Plant

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The next ornamental plant for home decoration is the snake plant or what is commonly called the tongue-in-law. This leaf ornamental plant is able to absorb pollutants in the room so that the air in the room will feel cleaner.
4. Aglonema

This leaf ornamental plant is often called a sri fortune plant. The shape and pattern of the leaves are distinctive and are often found as ornamental plants for home decoration.
This indoor plant is often seen in office areas because it is relatively durable in maintenance when placed in an air-conditioned room. Another benefit if you put Aglonema down is that the plants can absorb toxins in space.
5. Palm type plants

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Have you ever thought of putting palms as ornamental plants for home decoration? This can be done by paying attention to several things. Placing palm plants as ornamental plants, of course, cannot be put just like that.
Its relatively large size can be a problem if you don’t know how to lay it correctly. Use a large pot with soil growing media and place it on the edge of the door in the room. The advantages of palms as an ornamental plant for home decoration are in terms of very easy maintenance so you don’t have to bother taking care of it.
6. Gerbera or Daisy flower

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If previously there was inspiration for ornamental plants for home decoration with types of ornamental plants, this time a flower ornamental plant will be displayed. Gerbera or daisy with its beautiful colors is certainly very captivating when used for room accessories. However, if you choose this flower as an ornamental flower plant, then care must be done diligently. Plants must be exposed to sunlight, regularly replaced when they are wilted, and also regularly change the water.
7. Lily flower

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This type of flower will be appropriate as an ornamental plant for home decoration if it is placed in a room and faced with the direction of the sun. The best position for placing this ornamental flower plant is by the window. Indoor plants with beautiful flower displays and moody colors are guaranteed to make your day more enjoyable.
8. Chrysanthemum flowers

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Chrysanthemum is another name for chrysanthemum. This ornamental plant for home decoration is very appropriate to be applied as an ornamental flower plant. The fragrant smell really attracts attention, especially coupled with the beautiful color of the petals, which is guaranteed to make you feel at home while at home. You can also put indoor plants in this room in the bedroom, you know. Its soothing aroma will make you comfortable when resting.

9. Flower Cactus

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Ornamental plants for home decoration are popular and are often used today is a type of cactus. Whether it’s a mini cactus, or a flower cactus. This ornamental plant is indeed capable of being excellent for indoor plants.
You can be free to put this plant anywhere as you wish. Whether it’s in the bathroom, work desk, even the living room. Decorative cactus can be easily found anywhere with a variety of shapes and colors.
10. Philodendron Plants

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Philodendron belongs to the category of ornamental plants for home decoration. Philodendron leaf shape is similar to the liver, just as it absorbs toxins in the room. You can make a decoration if the ornamental plant leaves are hanging.
In a short time, the Philodendron can become a hanging ornamental plant to decorate the walls of the house because it grows quickly. You can do this if you are bored with the shape of the plants placed in a vase. The natural vines are guaranteed to provide a natural aesthetic sensation as long as you can arrange the vine grooves neatly.
11. Spider Plant

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Why is this leaf ornamental plant called the Spider plant? Because the shape of the leaves are many, slender, and dangling down like a spider’s leg. Even abroad, this ornamental plant for home decoration has another name, namely Chicken and hens plant because the plants can grow more than one. Spider plant has a high absorption of toxins, which is 90%, so it is still a favorite as an ornamental plant for home decoration.
12. Boston fern

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If you often feel the air in an arid and hot room, then put the Boston fern. Decorative plants for home decoration on this one are special because they can absorb hot air in the room.
Although this plant can absorb heat, occasionally you can move Boston ferns to place in a humid area, for example the bathroom. Do this regularly to prevent the fern from drying out.

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