Living with new circumstances and habits is not easy, we inevitably have to adapt. This is the situation faced by everyone in the new normal era, where all activities that were previously carried out outside the home must now be done at home, from work, school, sports, to shopping.

Therefore, you need to renew the interior of your home according to new needs and habits. Well, one of the interiors with the new normal concept that can support your new activities is the modern Japanese Scandinavian (Japandi) house design.

This house design that combines Japanese Scandinavian and modern interior styles is intended so that you still feel comfortable and safe when you are doing activities all day at home. For details, just take a look at Kania’s review of modern Japanese house designs below, let’s go!

Hygienic Area in Modern Japandi House Design

Hygienic Area in Modern Japandi House Design
Hygienic Area in Modern Japandi House Design

Even though all new activities can be done at home, there are certain times when you cannot avoid activities outside the home, for example, to buy necessities that are not sold online or maybe because of company policies that require you to work in an office. Seeing these conditions, modern Japandi house designs are here to support your every activity.

This modern Japandi house design utilizes the foyer or front room between the entrance and the inside of the house as a hygienic area. This foyer is equipped with a built-in wooden wardrobe that you can use to store your jacket, helmet, or shoes after using them from outside. You can put your motorcycle keys, car keys, and so on in a drawer.

In addition, in addition to the cupboard, there is also a mirror and storage to store all personal protection needs, such as masks, tissues, hand sanitizers, or disinfectants. Do not forget, the foyer in this modern Japandi house design also uses wooden partitions which make the area not only functional but also looks decorative.

Multipurpose Room in Japandi Design

Multipurpose Room in Modern Japandi House Design
Multipurpose Room in Modern Japandi House Design

Don’t have much space in the house to do various activities? Relax, with modern Japandi house design, you can use one room for various activities, you know! The multipurpose room used is the living room, which you can make as a sports room, playroom, or viewing room.

To maximize the function of the living room in this Japandi house design, use a variety of multifunctional furniture that is easy to move, such as the inspiration above.

When you want to turn the living room into a play area for your little one, you only need to move the coffee table and stool chairs under the wooden wall shelves. Likewise when you want to exercise.

Not only that, but the design of this Japandi house also carries the concept of open space, where the living room blends with the dining room. Through this concept, the light will be easier to enter and the design of this modern Japanese house looks more spacious.

Kitchen Area in Modern Japandi House Design

Kitchen Area in Modern Japandi House Design
Kitchen Area in Modern Japandi House Design

After isolating themselves at home for months, almost everyone is trying to explore a new hobby to get rid of boredom.

Cooking is one of the most popular activities, including people who could not cook before. Moreover, there are currently a lot of food menus that suddenly become a trend and encourage everyone to try making them. Does that include you?

Now, to maximize your new hobby, you can renew the appearance of the kitchen to be more attractive by using a warm kitchen set and complete kitchen furniture, like in this modern Japanese house design.

For the backsplash, this kitchen uses a white marble motif which makes the Japandi design more elegant, especially with the addition of indirect lights around the backsplash and a touch of gold on the water faucet and cabinet door handles.

In addition, you can add tables and barstools to directly enjoy the dishes you make. In order to keep it harmonious, the bar table is also covered with white marble motifs. Thus, cooking activities in a modern Japandi house will definitely be more fun.

Work Area in Japandi House Design

Work Area in Modern Japandi House Design

Occupancy doesn’t allow you to have a personal workspace? Don’t worry because modern Japanese house designs can be the right solution for you. You can use every corner of the remaining room to become a comfortable personal work area, like the inspiration above.

Even though it’s not too big, the work area in this modern Japanese house design can still meet all your work needs, from ergonomic desks and chairs, filing cabinets for storing various important documents, to decorations in the form of carpets and ornamental plants that make the work atmosphere so more comfortable.

The sitting position in this work area is directed towards the wall of the stairs so that your focus is not distracted when people at home pass by.

In addition, the work area in this modern Japandi house design is also limited by a small room partition made of wood so that the house feels warmer and cozier.

With a comfortable work area, you will definitely be more productive and even feel at home for long.

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