K-pop culture has been in vogue in the world over the last few years. The role of this culture not only influences the musical and culinary tastes of many people, but also influences interior design trends.
If you are really interested in adopting a Korean-style interior design to beautify your home, it means that you must prepare the concept carefully. These few tips will help you create a modern Korean-style interior.

  1. Maximize lighting with soft shades
bedroom interior 2

One of the hallmarks of modern design is the maximum lighting system with soft nuances. lighting can be in the form of lighting from outside or inside. try to support both of them so that morning and night will not change the atmosphere of the room. the first step, fix the lighting system from within. Why? besides being easier to apply, it is also more affordable. if you still want to be repaired again, just adjust the lighting pattern from the outside either by adding ventilation or enlarging the windows of the house.

  1. Change the color of the room to be bright (white or coral)
bedroom interior 3

The thing that should be changed next is the color of the room or room. Things that we often see, the colors of the walls are more often green, yellow and light blue. The colors mentioned are actually not wrong, they are not suitable if the room lighting is good. White and coral are “neutral” colors in interior design. This is because the white and coral colors function to support other furniture such as posters, wooden tables, and beds. These two colors help your room or room look more simple / minimalist.

  1. Use of wooden furniture
bedroom interior 1

wooden furniture is needed to present a soft yet minimalist impression. besides wooden furniture, you can actually use furniture from other materials as long as the color doesn’t really contrast with the surroundings. remember, this is a kpop style design, not retro or vintage.

  1. Simple color mix
bedroom interior 3.1

Simple colors here like white, gray, light brown, coral, pink and other “light” colors. things to remember, apart from posters and books, the color should not exceed 3 color variants in one room.

  1. a good looking bookshelf

easy to see means neatly arranged, the colors or categories of books are equal and the shelf placement is not “overloaded” in one place. this is an additional impression to help your room look tidier and make you feel at home to linger in your own room.
So here are some tips for kpop room design. Have you got a design idea after reading this article? And of course the one that Irene knows, you already have a poster for your idol group or your bias, right in your room? 🙂

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