Hey you who live in a boarding house, a small apartment, or a small cramped house with just barely enough space? Surely you know the struggle of how to make a small room look bigger. From a bedroom that is almost as large as a bed, to a family room that must be combined with a dining room, it is certainly not an easy thing to arrange and make to look as broad as possible.
But take it easy, Irene will help make your small house look wider and multi-functional and still look beautiful. Come on, see the following about small house tips and design!
1. Use Bright Colors as Wall Paint

living room 1

Indeed, dark wall paint can make a room feel comfortable, but it can also absorb light instead of reflecting it, making the space feel smaller. Choose lighter colored tiles and light wall colors too to make the room feel more spacious.
2. Avoid Putting Items and Furniture on the Side

living room 2

Placing furniture so that it sticks to the wall makes the room look and feel cramped. Give space between furniture and walls, or put it in the middle of the room can make a narrow room look wider than it really is.
3. Use Multifunctional Furniture

furniture 1

Using furniture that has multiple functions is a simple way to make a room look bigger. Try a chair that opens for storage or a sofa that can serve as a sofa and a bed.
4. Use a mirror

living room 4

Mirrors are the easiest way to make a room appear larger. Even though you don’t need to use glass in every room, you can use glass as a statement piece in a room that can make the mirror as an accessory in the room.
5. Use Furniture That Can Be Folded

furniture 2

Folding furniture does not mean it is unsightly. Toppers can choose a folding table or chair in the dining room and if you don’t need it, you can fold it and store it. You can also move the furniture to any room in your house that you want. The room looks bigger!
6. Monochromatic Color

living room 5

Wall paint, furniture, tiles, accessories in one color, such as white and cream, can make a room look bigger. You can also give color accents as a pop of color so that the room looks more “alive”.
7. Large Furniture and Accessories

living room 1a

By having a small room, you must assume that you decorate the room with small furniture and furniture, right? But one large piece of furniture or furniture can stand out like a large sofa or a large painting can make a room look open. One large sofa instead of several small sofas or tables can actually make a room look smaller.
8. Ceiling paint

office 1

While bright white wall paint can make a room look more open, dark ceilings can create the illusion of a taller room because they make us look up at the ceiling.
9. Use Striped Furniture and Accessories

strip wall

Just as vertical stripes on clothes can make you look taller, striped rugs will also make a room appear longer and wider.
10. Don’t Use Curtains


More light from outside can make a room look wider and deeper. If you are concerned about privacy, blinds can be used to replace blinds.
By following a few simple tips about decorating a small room to make the room look bigger, the house will feel comfortable, and won’t feel cramped. You will also have a space to suit all your needs.

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