Entering the new normal period, people can return to their activities outside the home with various hygiene protocols. For those who are still working from home, of course, they need to make various adjustments in spatial planning. Meanwhile, companies also need to upgrade their offices or businesses to facilitate these actions. This has led to a new trend of workplace where cleanliness, health, and safety are priorities.

Changes in the Home & Living Industry

Dekoruma, a home, living, and interior technology company in Indonesia, has also observed the changes that have occurred due to COVID-19 and the transition of PSBB to a new normal. This is especially true for consumer behavior and the needs of the contents of the house which experienced a surge in demand.

“Since the government has urged people to do activities at home, we have seen that customer trust in online shopping is increasing. It is recorded that our online retail sales have doubled. One of the dominating categories is home office products such as work desks, office chairs and storage racks, which increased dramatically by 198%, ”explained Dimas Harry Priawan, Co-Founder and CEO of Dekoruma in Indonesia

Home Workplace Trends

Home Workplace Trends
Home Workplace Trends

Several things need to be considered in making a workplace at home to keep it comfortable and of course as needed. This includes determining the place of the work area, selecting furniture, placing storage areas, and adding decorations to support productivity.

To determine the workplace at home, make sure that the work area is in a place that has minimal distraction with sufficient lighting. If there is no large space available, you can take advantage of a corner as a work area. Then, choose ergonomic furniture that is space-saving and multifunctional to maximize space.

The placement of the storage area is also important to keep the work area neat & clean. Vertical storage is recommended to be the right option for workplaces in small dwellings.

In addition to making the workplace look more aesthetic, when choosing the right decoration it will support productivity in the work area. The use of a table lamp will make it more focused because the light is directed at one point.

Next, use functional decorations for organizing items such as folders for storing documents, storage boxes for storing stationery, and so on. Finally, you can also put ornamental plants as accents to refresh the space. The presence of plants will make you feel more relaxed and reduce stress.

Workplace Trends in Different Industries and Businesses

Workplace Trends in Different Industries and Businesses
Workplace Trends in Different Industries and Businesses

Entering the new normal era, industry and business players are also required to be responsive in making adjustments in their offices or places of business. The necessary adjustments attention includes considerations of density and distance in the room, ventilation and air circulation, easy access to cleanliness, and so on.

Realizing this, We offer solutions in the form of new normal equipment that can help business owners upgrade their offices or businesses to be safer and more hygienic. Such equipment such as partitions (sneeze guard), hand washing area (sanitizer station), and others can be found here.

However, of course not only new normal equipment is needed. Interior design must also adapt to this new normal situation. Dimas explained related to interior design changes, especially in offices.

“The new habits of society during this pandemic, it is not impossible that it will survive and we will continue to apply it in the future. So, the office interior must also change so that everyone feels safe and comfortable while working. Of course from the start of the interior designing process, we will think about distance, cleanliness, safety, and other factors according to health standards, “he concluded.

Given that the pandemic situation has not yet been determined when it will end, we still have to be careful and not neglect to implement health protocols. The pandemic poses new challenges in various aspects of people’s lives, but we believe that everything has a positive side. For one thing, now we can spend more time with our family

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