Almost everyone already has dreams about their own house in the future. There is nothing wrong with browsing idly to find references for your home design. Have a look at cute interior designs that can even be your mood booster when you are busy with tasks and work.

For those of you who really like vintage themes and their uniqueness, Irene has summarized 7 interior designs for vintage home.
1. With whitewashed walls

vintage home interior 2

White paint can create a vintage atmosphere. This can also be accompanied by photo frames of the same color (if your wall is white, your photo frame must be white too)
Welcome your family and guests with an atmosphere that is different from today’s modern houses. If the walls of your house are white, you don’t need to bother recoloring them. Put a white sofa
also there. all these color selection tips will give you a slick all-white blend.
2. Combine floral prints on pillows, sofas, and carpets with pastel colors on the walls.

vintage home interior 1

One of the motifs associated with vintage themes is flowers. You can put this motif on the small pillows on the sofa. Coupled with the size of the large window without iron barriers. The pastel colored walls also make you feel like you’re in 70s England.
3. A bed with an iron canopy can bring out the “old” impression in your bedroom.

vintage home interior 4

Bring a vintage design to your bedroom. For those of you who don’t want a lot of renovations, you only need to decorate the room a little. Your bed is a canopy type? That alone gives an old impression, you know. Paste some photos of your Polaroid so that the room doesn’t look empty. Store fresh flowers in vases and place them on your cupboard.
4. Give a vintage theme in your sister or child’s room.

vintage home interior 3

For your little sister’s room, or it could be for your child’s room later, there is a cute design here. Actually, you don’t need to bother repainting, with white walls, supporting furniture, and a plant in the room you have successfully enlivened your vintage design in the house.
5. Install roman dialed clocks and colorful chairs in the dining room.

vintage home interior 5

Do you want your kitchen to be more colorful but not vintage? Just paint the chairs a different pastel color. Such as blue, green, purple, yellow, or pink. To keep the vintage feeling there, you can hang the roman dialed clock.
6. It will be more vintage if you present old wooden or iron chairs that can still be used.

vintage home interior 6

Do you still have a long wooden chair in your house? Or the iron chair? Don’t throw it away, you can use these items to complement your vintage interior, guys. Make it like new with a little paint polish. This decoration and furniture can save your budget, right.
7. Polish your bathroom walls with pastel colors

vintage home interior 7

You have conjured up all the rooms with vintage interiors, but haven’t your bathrooms? This means your house is not completely old-fashioned. You can change the wall color to mint green, soothing and making you feel at home for a long time in the bathroom.

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