Photo frames will look attractive and give a different feel to the interior of the house if you make them yourself.

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RumahCom-A plain wall is like a blank canvas, there are various ways not to make it look boring. One of them is circumvented by installing several home decorations such as paintings or patterned decorations.
there is a more personal way to decorate the walls of the house, namely by attaching a photo frame to the wall. Either inspired by pinterest, or your own DIY creations. Have you ever thought of making a photo frame a more attractive decoration?
1. Rustic Twigs

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Rustic home decoration can be an option, one of which is by presenting rustic-themed accessories so that the atmosphere of the house seems warmer. One of the rustic accessories that are easy to make yourself is a photo frame, you would agree that this unique photo frame made of tree branches is very interesting and has an element of art.
How to make a rustic themed photo frame is also very easy, you only need to prepare a few tree branches, then take them randomly and adjust them to size. Also add decorations such as flowers or dry leaves, you can also use ribbons or supporting accessories so that the photos you store in this frame look attractive.
2. Roadboard Frame

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Tired of putting your photos in wooden frames? The idea of ​​placing a personal photo or artwork on a wooden board can also be an option. Apart from being stylish, the walls of your house also look more attractive. In order to make it look neat and clean, choose the same or matching color of the road boards.
3.Paper Frame

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To make a paper frame, make sure you choose thick paper so that the photo frame is strong and durable. You only need to prepare tools such as a cutter, scissors, a ruler and glue, you can make a frame size of 13x18cm or 15x20cm, depending on the size of the photo you are going to put, add about 5cm from the photo size or according to your taste.
The next step is to make a hole in the middle to place the photo, after that make a line to follow the size of the photo, then cut it according to size. For best results you can add clear plastic over the photo.
4. Ice Cream Sticks

photo frame 6

Making a photo frame from ice sticks reminds you of childhood, following the steps, prepare an ice cream stick with a matching color, the photo to be framed, and glue.
Clean and dry the ice cream sticks, then assemble them to your liking and glue them together. Photo frames using ice sticks can be hung on the wall using a rope, or you can attach them directly.
5. Board

photo frame 7

Actually you can use any board, but to make it simpler, you can use a whiteboard that is usually used by school children. You don’t need to add other functions, because this board already has clasps for your photo holder. It remains only to add a large rope or hanger behind it.
6. Carton

photo frame 8

The first thing to note is that you need thick cardboard for this frame. For example, from cardboard. You can create this frame because there is ’empty land’ to beautify the frame which will later beautify your walls.

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