Interested in increasing your income through a coffee shop business? As part of the millennial lifestyle, a simple, comfortable cafe design is enough to make your business loved by young people and workers who want to relax, socialize, or just find a new atmosphere.

Given the increasingly popular use of social media, simple cafe designs need to be considered so that the appearance of your business is attractive enough for visitors to photograph. Ideally, a simple cafe design should be attractive so that the atmosphere remains comfortable and visitors don’t hesitate to linger there.

For new entrepreneurs, there is no need to worry. Here, Irene will share inspiration for a simple cafe design that you can adopt to attract the interest of many visitors.

1- Simple Cafe and Cheapest Bussiness Start

indoor cafe 2

If the budget is not enough to rent a land or area to open a business, there’s nothing wrong with starting a cafe business at home. As in the inspiration above, this simple cafe design utilizes the home page as a place for visitors to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on the available chairs and terrace tables.

The area in the house is converted into a small kitchen, a place to put various coffee makers as well as an area for making coffee. Suitable for adoption in residential areas that are not too crowded, this simple cafe design looks simple and comfortable with a series of wooden furniture that gives a natural impression and sliding glass doors to make the room look wider.

2- Thematic Cafe

indoor cafe 1

One of the tips for success for a business is to leave unforgettable memories for customers. Therefore, it would be nice if a simple cafe design carries a unique theme so that it becomes a hangout that is easy for visitors to remember.

Meanwhile, you can adopt a theme based on the hobbies or interests that you like the most, such as the inspiration above which applies the concept of a chemical laboratory, complete with mural paintings and chemical table wall stickers. In addition to making your own business the talk of the crowd, you can also develop the theme and play with the interior to create new unforgettable memories for customers.

3- Monochrome Cafe

indoor cafe 3

Simple cafe designs must still pay attention to the aspect of cleanliness. Choosing the right color scheme can be a mainstay for showing a clean impression in a cafe.

You can adopt a monochrome color scheme such as the application of white to the simple cafe design above so that the cafe looks clean and spacious. Interestingly, white ceramic tiles are superimposed on the walls rather than the floor, and the black color appears on the plain floors. The trendy and classy monochrome concept of this simple cafe design is guaranteed to captivate customers.

4- Cafe With Large Windows

indoor cafe 4

The existence of a large window can maximize the natural light that enters the room. This simple cafe design looks warm and spacious thanks to the sun’s rays and the illusion of an open space.

Even though the room is not large, the simple cafe design in the inspiration above looks comfortable. The arrangement of wooden furniture around the room also brings a positive mood to visitors because they can enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the outdoor scenery.

5- Cafe With Pointing on Wood Material

indoor cafe 5

Besides giving a natural impression, the use of wood material also gives a warm feel to the cafe. So, if you want to present a warm atmosphere through a natural impression, you can take inspiration from this simple cafe design.

Also mix it with the placement of appropriate lighting and additional decorations, such as indoor ornamental plants as a vertical garden on the wall. There are various ornamental plants that you can use, such as monstera leaves, anthurium, or asparagus fern. Thus, this simple cafe design will look aesthetically pleasing even though its size is very small.

Even though the budget is just barely enough, hopefully the inspiration above allows you to create a simple cafe design with a charming, unique, and Instagramable look.

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