The Zen garden, aka the typical shrine garden in Japan, has recently been trending. Not only at home, this Japanese garden concept is widely applied in offices, hotels, and even public places.

Zen Garden 2

The beautiful and cool impression that comes with the zen garden makes this garden much targeted by people to be applied in their residential homes. With water, stones and grass components you can make this modern Japanese garden yourself in your minimalist home. Here are 7 examples of designs as reference materials for you.

Zen Garden 3

You can also apply the garden concept used by one of the resorts in Bali at home. If you have a large enough yard, you can make a wooden bridge that connects the gate of the house with the entrance to your house. With water running underneath plus green plants it will give a beautiful impression from the front.

Zen Garden 4

This cafe on Jalan Dago Bandung has a unique garden concept. The center of the building was left empty and open. Various green plants and even trees are allowed to grow to give fresh air to the whole cafe. You can replace the pebbles with green grass and a small shower will further beautify your garden.

Zen Garden 8

This urban-style house in Jakarta uses the back yard of the house to become a lawn garden with a pond and wooden bridge that blends harmoniously. This garden is made directly adjacent to the kitchen whose walls are made of transparent glass. The garden will be the perfect place to eat breakfast for you and your family every day.

Zen Garden 7

Sagan House is a two-story residence which also functions as a business location. With a large size, designers deliberately provide a lot of open space including a garden on the outside and in the middle of the building complex. If green grass, trees, and stone bridges are still lacking, you can make a small shower to add a distinctive water element to your zen garden.

Zen Garden 9

This residence that uses a lot of natural colors chooses to put a garden at the front. Once guests enter, the green grass welcomes with a variety of flowers piled on the left and right of the front yard. At the front of the building, a small fish pond with a wooden bridge adds a natural and cozy impression to your home.

Zen Garden 5

If your backyard is wide enough, you can choose this zen garden concept. The wooden frame with open walls and roof makes this garden look like a gazebo at first glance. Hanging wooden chairs and the surrounding green atmosphere make this garden a cool place to relax.

Natural Zen Garden

If you like a really natural feel, try to play with the materials you used to build the garden. Instead of using stones, you can install a fence with bamboo material to give a thick natural impression like the zen garden above.

so, have you found what kind of garden design? I hope this article helps 😀

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