What comes to your mind when you hear the word “roller blind”? This term is not very familiar to many people even though the shape of the object is already widely used in homes and offices. In addition, roller blinds also have various types and benefits, you know.

The majority of people are more familiar with the term sunshade. However, the blinds are made of bamboo while the roller blinds are made of fabric that has various types and benefits. Let’s find out more information about these modern shades before using them.

Definition and Types of Blind Roller

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Roller blinds are window blinds that are operated from the bottom up or vice versa. This type of curtain is certainly different from the usual curtains that are used by being shifted left or right. Besides being able to be operated manually, this modern curtain modification also allows it to be opened and closed with a remote control system. This modern curtain can be placed on a wall, window, PVC, or any surface that is flat.

Based on its function there are three types of roller blinds on the market, namely:

  • Sunscreen: is useful for minimizing sun exposure in the room. However, people who were indoors were still free to look outside.
  • Blackout: its function is to protect the room from the sun. If the lights in the room are turned off during the day and these curtains are closed, the room will be completely dark.
  • Translucent: this type of curtain is not transparent and has more varied motifs. Its main function is to maintain the privacy of people or activities in the room.

Roller Blind Operating System

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There are four types of roller blind operating systems that are practical and as needed. Here are some of these types:

  • Chain: this type is operated by pulling or stretching the chain so that the roller blind moves up and down.
  • Spring Flexy Stop: the operation process is done by pulling the pendulum at the bottom center of the curtain. This system is fairly practical, but the operation must be done carefully so that the pendulum does not come off easily.
  • One-Touch (Self Released): This modern curtain is also operated by a chain system. However, you only need to pull it slightly when closing the window, as the curtains will naturally fall.
  • Automatic: this curtain operating system is considered the most sophisticated among the others because it is equipped with a motor as a driving force. All you have to do is press the buttons on the remote control to open, close, and define other settings.

Benefits of Using a Blind Roller

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After getting to know the various types and operating systems of roller blinds, now is the time to know some of the benefits for your home:

  • Roller blinds have the main function of limiting exposure to sunlight entering through the window. The room will not be too hot and the performance of the Air Conditioner (AC) will cool the room more optimally.
  • Your privacy during your activities at home will be protected if the roller blinds are closed.
  • The use of roller blinds can also minimize the risk of crime due to the interior conditions of the house that seem too open. The installation of these curtains makes the interior of your home not visible from the outside.
  • The benefits of roller blinds are also important to protect furniture and electronic equipment from the sun so that the color and texture of furniture do not change easily and electronic equipment is not easily damaged.

Choosing the right color and pattern of the roller blinds makes it an attractive decorative element. You are free to choose according to taste without neglecting the harmony with other interior elements.

There’s nothing wrong with preparing a budget to install these modern curtains at home. Choose the type of roller blind of the highest quality so that the benefits are maximized.

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