You just invested in a studio apartment? The trend of small studio apartment housing is increasingly favored by young workers in big cities today. The demands of urban life with busy routines make many people turn to live in apartments, rather than landed houses. However, the average studio apartment design is made with high comfort and functionality in mind. In order to support these two functions, furniture in studio apartments must also be carefully selected so that you can create a space that is comfortable, warm, and multifunctional. So that you don’t get confused anymore, here are tips that you can use to maximize the use of furniture in studio type apartments.

  1. Make a layout that fits the size of the living room
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One of the keys to maximizing the function of a small space is to be careful in choosing furniture that fits the space and can meet all needs. Studio apartments combine several space functions into one room, namely the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. For that, your main room must have a clear flow, with the arrangement of furniture. You also need to be creative with furniture layouts and find the best way so that every corner of the room can be used properly.

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Avoid using large furniture. Choose a sofa with a medium or small size that matches the size of the studio apartment. In addition, you should not use large cabinets and use minimalist wall shelves.

  1. Choosing the desired interior style
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Living in an apartment with a limited area will certainly limit you in many ways, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enter a design style that suits your personality in the apartment. You can still create a small, comfortable area that can be used for all activities. Starting from modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, rustic, or industrial styles, you can also look cool and stylish in a small apartment. The key is to create an abundance of storage solutions so that the apartment looks neat and spacious, no matter what design style you choose.

  1. Maximize space with furniture
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The minimal apartment area does not mean you cannot be creative with selected furniture. Not only that but choosing the right furniture can also make your apartment look more spacious, you know. The point is to maximize the available space with the appropriate furniture. Maximize the interior space in a small studio apartment with the right choice of furniture so that space can look wider.

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The tips, don’t use too much small furniture. Even though your apartment space is relatively narrow, that doesn’t mean you have to use small furniture. Including too much small furniture will also make the room seem cluttered and cluttered. Conversely, only choosing a few essential large pieces of furniture will actually make the room seem more spacious.

  1. Selection of furniture according to the layout and style
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Remember, the size of your studio apartment is not too big, so choose furniture that doesn’t take up much space. Try to choose multifunctional furniture with two or three functions at once. For example, sofabeds or stools that can be used as chairs and corner tables. This furniture will give more value to your room. Besides that, you don’t need to provide too much furniture so you can save space. You can also add some small accessories on the wall that match the style of the room to make the impression of relief.

  1. Add decorative accessories or indoor plants
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The narrow room is not an obstacle for you to enter plants into the dwelling. Decorative plants in the room will make the air fresher and make the room feel more alive. Playing with interior decorations such as rugs or carpets, cushion colors and interior plants will give the interior a more vibrant impression.

There are many ways to decorate a room with plants. Apart from being an ornamental plant on the table, you can also beautify the corner of the room with large plants, hanging plants, create a vertical garden, or even become a plant as a room partition. Also, add a carpet to separate the function of the room that can warm the atmosphere of the apartment.

The size is not large, making you have to be extra smart in arranging studio apartment furniture. Keep an eye on your apartment to keep it neat and comfortable.

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