Variations of furniture materials are now more diverse and interesting. One of the most popular materials is glass. Besides looking luxurious and elegant, glass is also easy to combine with various other materials. Unfortunately, many people still think that caring for glass furniture is difficult and requires special techniques.

Actually, caring for glass furniture is not as difficult as you think. You only need to do it correctly and thoroughly so that it does not cause scratches and can make the glass material clean. Now, let’s take a look at some of the following practical tips and ways so you can clean glass furniture in the right way.

Keeping Outdoor Furniture Dry

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Glass material is indeed most suitable for outdoor furniture because the color will not be brittle or fade like other materials. However, you should know that rainwater is the main enemy of glass furniture. Try to keep your glass furniture dry at all times. Don’t be lazy to dry glass furniture that has just been exposed to rain or water spills because high humidity is prone to causing mold on the glass surface.

Cleaning Furniture in Shady Weather

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Not many people know that hot weather is not the right moment to clean glass furniture. Because hot weather will make the surface of the furniture dry too quickly and leave additional stains. It would be better if you clean the furniture when the weather is cool so that you have plenty of time to fully dry the surface.

Using a special glass cleaning fluid

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Do not underestimate the use of a special glass cleaner. You really need this one product to treat glass furniture effectively. Usually, special glass cleaning products contain special ingredients that are effective at removing dirt as well as eradicating glass mold. If you use it regularly, glass furniture will always look shiny clean like new.

Drying Furniture Surfaces with Newsprint

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Newsprint is the best tool for cleaning glass furniture and drying it. When caring for glass furniture, you must prepare dry newsprint. After you spray the glass cleaner, dry the entire surface of the furniture with the newspaper. This simple method will make the surface of the glass furniture shiny and dirt-free again.

Using a vinegar solution for stubborn stains

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Stubborn stains on the surface of glass furniture will certainly irritate you because the furniture looks dull. Don’t worry about this just yet. You can fix this by making a 1: 1 mixture of water and vinegar. The vinegar content is proven to be effective in removing crusts, oil stains, and other stubborn dirt on the glass surface. When the stain on the glass furniture is clean, immediately dry the remaining vinegar solution with the newspaper.

Wiping the Glass with a Soft Fabric

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If you don’t use newspaper to clean glass furniture, then you have to use a soft cloth. Microfiber cloth is a good glass cleaner alternative because the fibers are fine and are not prone to scratches. Glass furniture will remain smooth if you treat it with soft fabrics.

Paying Attention To Other Glass Furniture Supporting Materials

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Usually, glass furniture is not only made of glass. There is furniture combined with leather, wood, or stainless steel. Therefore, you also have to pay attention to the materials that make up the furniture. Each material has different characteristics. For example, wood and leather materials should be kept away from excessive exposure to water and sunlight so that they do not become brittle or fade. You should pay attention to these details carefully for strong and durable glass furniture.

Who says caring for glass furniture is difficult? You only need a little consistency so that your favorite glass furniture is always attractive and ready to enhance the interior and exterior of your home.

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