Do you want to have a house that is contemporary as well as beautiful, comfortable, and refreshing? A residential with a jungalow concept can be your inspiration. A jungalow house is a house that combines the concept of a jungle or wilderness with a bungalow or a rest house. This residence is filled with green thanks to a number of plants inside and outside the house. Jungalow House itself was first made in India by an Indian architect, Neogenesis Studios. A house with a concept that is close to nature is then increasingly being applied to various residences around the world. What are the characteristics of this house?

  1. The existence of indoor plants
Jungalow House 2

Not a jungalow house without the presence of plants in the house or house plant. The existence of this plant dominates the jungalow home decor. In the original house, Neogenesis Studios created an indoor garden and also placed various vines on the building. That way, the house looks full of lush trees. Plants not only function as complements but also become focal points of the room. The main focus of the arrangement of plants is on a small garden separated by a glass wall.

For those of you who want to apply this concept to your home, choose a variety of plants with easy care. You can also choose a variety of beautiful pots as part of an element of home decor.

  1. Open Space Concept
Jungalow House 3

Tropical and minimalist style dwellings such as this jungalow carry the concept of open space. This house applies the concept of open space by removing the divider between the living room and dining room. The separation is only done visually on the floor of the room using a patterned floor that seems to form a road line. The concept of an open space like this will make the room seem wider, air circulation smoother, and not stuffy.

  1. Make use of natural light
Jungalow House 4

The jungalow concept tries to maximize access to natural lighting from sunlight into the house. Every room is also guaranteed to get the right spotlight from the sun. The design of the glass or window that is made is unusual, you know. For the master bedroom, for example, the glass window design is made of a large round.

Jungalow House 5

Apart from being a source of light and air circulation, windows also function as unique room decorations. Not only that, but this unique window is also accessible for residents to see the green area outside the house. Because Neogenesis Studios really wants to make the residents of the house happier with the existence of the park.

  1. Consisting of Simple Materials
Jungalow House 6

Jungalow houses don’t use too much material and prioritize the natural impression of the materials used. The type of finishing used is very simple. Almost all the walls of the house only use a smooth layer as a finishing. The original color of the coat was left alone without being coated with wall paint. Not only on the walls, but the roof of the house is also left with an exposed concrete model without a ceiling.

  1. Minimal decor
Jungalow House 7

Jungalow emphasizes the concept of minimalism and the use of functional furniture. The room was not decorated with too many accents and was left plain. There is the only furniture that is really needed in the room. This also makes the room more spacious and not crowded with various accessories. The jungalow living room is only equipped with a series of wooden tables and chairs and additional rocking chairs that give a relaxed impression.

  1. Combined Natural and Modern Materials
Jungalow House 8

Wood is a material that dominates almost all houses, from building materials to furniture. In addition to wood, the material for handrails also uses natural materials in the form of woven ropes to give a natural and beautiful appearance. However, this house also mixes modern materials such as glass which is used as walls and large windows.

The garden and plants in the jungalow house are indeed presented because of the dry surrounding climate, but with high rainfall during the rainy season. So, the concept of this house is also very suitable to be applied in Indonesia because the climate is quite similar to the area of ​​origin of the jungalow house. Interested in designing your home with this concept?

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