Have a house with a limited area and it seems cramped? Houses with a narrow area can also be made comfortable by maximizing the many openings. The number of openings in the house can be increased by making a house design from the glass. Apart from making the room feel fresher, greenhouses can also reduce air pollution, be cooler, and make it look wider.

Greenhouses can also help residents enjoy the natural atmosphere outside the home more optimally, you know. To add privacy, you only need to add curtains or other glass coverings as needed. Interested in making a house that is dominated by the glass? Check out some of the following inspirations.

  1. Greenhouse with Large Facades
Greenhouse Design 2

Want to give your home a modern look? Design the façade of your home with large stunning glass. The sparkling glass that looks striking from the front of the house will emphasize the transparent impression of the house. If you want the privacy of all residents of the house to be more awake, the use of additional blinds or blinds on the glass can be an alternative option. In addition to providing privacy, giving the right curtains can also make the facade look more stylish and luxurious, you know.

  1. Greenhouse by the Beach
Greenhouse Design 3

One of the advantages of building a greenhouse is that you can more freely enjoy the view from outside the house. One example of a greenhouse with an impressive view is La Boyita Holiday designed by studio Martin Gomes Arquitectos located in Uruguay. This contemporary-designed greenhouse sits on the waterfront and is made using concrete, metal, glass, and wood.

The main building of this house which consists of a family room, dining room, and kitchen, is directly facing the best view, which is facing the swimming pool and beach. The beautiful view from outside that can be enjoyed directly from inside the house also adds to the charm of this greenhouse.

  1. Greenhouse Overlooking the Garden
Greenhouse Design 4

If you are still unsure about applying glass to the front of the whole house, you can install glass on the back of the house that faces directly into the garden area like this one example. Not only can you enjoy the view of the green garden from inside the house, but the air inside the house will also feel fresher because of the many trees you can see. You can also add a terrace in the large area as a place to enjoy the fresh air in the morning or evening.

  1. Greenhouses as Vacation Places
Greenhouse Design 5

Want to build a vacation home far from the city center? This super luxury greenhouse designed by SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects) can be your inspiration. The designer aims to create a greenhouse that maximizes the surrounding landscape as the main feature and also as an escape from the busy life of everyday activities. Made with a minimalist design, this house combines wood and glass materials, stone textures and is also equipped with various sculptural works of art.

The house, which consists of four floors, has an open living room with stunning beach views. In addition, there is also a garden around the living and dining room which has glass walls. There is also an area equipped with a swimming pool overlooking the open sea. All these amazing views can be obtained thanks to the presence of glass that covers most of the buildings.

  1. Greenhouse on the Cliff
Greenhouse Design 6

This greenhouse design will surely amaze anyone who sees it. Most of these greenhouses are located nearly two meters below ground level, but some are above ground parallel to the coast and sea. In addition, this greenhouse also has a cantilever design that juts out towards the sea like a floating object. This house, designed by Hassel Studio Architects, stands on the waterfront in Victoria, Australia.

Which greenhouse design catches your eye the most? You must be confused, right? You can also, you know, build a greenhouse according to your wishes by taking one of the inspirations from the house above. Are you ready to make your dream home come true?

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