The table is one of the most basic and common household items in every home. Tables have very diverse functions, from a place to place objects to become the main focus of a room. Therefore, it is not surprising that the table is considered as furniture that cannot be separated from the art of room decoration.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a large space, so you can choose a table at will. In particular, for those who live in-studio and 1 BR apartment units, they certainly cannot just choose a table. Consideration and caution are needed, especially in assessing the size of the table to be used.

However, narrow space does not mean there are no solutions for the choice of table type. You can get around your apartment unit or bedroom in creative ways, one of which is a wall folding table.

Wall Folding Table, Solution Limited Space

Wall Folding Table, Solution Limited Space
Wall Folding Table, Solution Limited Space

Wall folding tables will provide a solution for those of you who have limited space. You can Do It Yourself (DIY) or make it yourself without the need to go to a furniture store and pay for a wall folding table installation service. But, if you have enough money and don’t have time to DIY, there’s nothing wrong with buying and using a folding wall table installation service.

Wall folding tables can be made from various materials, but if you want to make your own, the easiest material is MDF, multiplex, or solid wood. These three materials have reliable qualities because of their strength and malleability.

Advantages of Wooden Folding Wall Table

Advantages of Wooden Folding Wall Table
Advantages of Wooden Folding Wall Table

Before discussing how to make a folding wall table, you must first know the advantages of wood as the basic material. Wood has proven toughness, strength, and durability. If you make a table with wood, the table will be durable and can be used for years or even decades.

Wooden tables are very suitable for use in various activities, both formal and informal. You can place a table made of wood indoors or outdoors. For indoors, you can choose MDF or multiplex wood, while outdoors you can choose solid wood which is more resistant to temperature and weather.

For wall folding tables, wood is much safer to use than metal. The possibility still could happen, for example after installation, the table suddenly fell because the support was not strong or the nut was loose. The risk of being hit by wood will not be as bad as if you are hit by metal.

Besides, in terms of appearance, a wall folding table or other table made of wood looks natural. If you are bored with the original color of wood, you can easily paint it so that the color can be adjusted to your taste. So, wood furniture is very effective for the refinishing process, especially for color changing. With a new color, it is as if your folding wall table is still new.

How to Make a Wall Folding Table

How to Make a Wall Folding Table
How to Make a Wall Folding Table

After you know why wood is very suitable for making folding wall tables, now is the time for you to start DIY making wall folding tables from wood. To do this, you can follow the simple steps below.

Prepare Tools and Materials

The material needed to make this folding wall table is mainly wood. For easy manufacture, you can choose plywood or MDF. Also, other important materials are needed in the form of 4 door hinges, sufficient 2-inch screws, 2 cm wooden nails, glue, and color paint of your choice.

Apart from these materials, you also have to provide several tools such as a drill, meter / long ruler, hammer/hammer, wood saw / chainsaw, sanding tool, sandpaper, and a brush.

Creating Designs and Sketches

After the tools and materials are available, you can immediately make a wall folding table design that is tailored to the presence of the tools and materials you have. Besides that, you also need to sketch later installation. In the sketch, you must have determined a place or wall to install the table. Although, if you choose a wall folding table design, it will be much easier because it can be placed on any wall, as long as it has the right size.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the walls for installation. Make sure the walls are of strong quality, so they don’t crumble when nailed or drilled. The quality of the walls will affect the success of the installation and certainly will greatly affect the security when you use it.

But, if you live in an apartment unit, you don’t need to hesitate to choose a wall position, because the quality of the walls is guaranteed to meet the developer material standards.

Make Table Puzzles

After the design is determined and the sketch is ready, the next step is to make a puzzle or parts of the wall folding table. These parts consist of the table frame, table body, table legs, and supports.

This table frame will later be a part that will be installed on the wall and is useful as a place to store the table when not in use. You can make a wall frame by joining 4 boards at right angles with 1 board as the base. Nail each connection, adding wood glue to make it stronger.

The table body is a part that will be used to support activities. Table legs are useful for holding or supporting the table body. While the support is a supporting part so that the table legs are sturdy and do not shake when the table is used.

You can make these parts by cutting the wood that you have prepared according to the size of the table in the design and sketch. Use a wood saw or chainsaw to cut and make puzzles from the table. Use the meter that has been provided so that the size can fit. For safety, it’s best if you cut outside the room. However, if cutting outdoors is not possible, make sure the area for cutting is wide enough.


After the puzzles or table parts are complete, the next step is to install or combine the puzzles to form a folding table that is ready to use. In this installation, the first step you need to do is attach the table frame to the wall.

Make sure the height is right, you can measure it with a meter. Then you can install the frame by first drilling a hole in the wall, then attaching the nut to the wall. You can also use dowels if you find it difficult with nuts or screws.

Next, attach the hinges to the frame to join in with the table body. After the frame and the table body are firmly connected, you can install the table leg on the opposite side. Make sure the two legs of the table can only be folded towards the wall so that they do not fold in the other direction, you can hold them with the supports that have been prepared.

When the process is complete, the folding wall table is ready to use.


Finishing Wooden Wall Folding Table
Finishing Wooden Wall Folding Table

If you want the appearance of the table to be more aesthetic, you can do the finishing after installation. Finishing is also useful for cleaning wood chips during the installation process. You can sand the folding table until it is smooth using the sandpaper or sanding tool.

For a more attractive appearance, you can also paint the smooth folding table. Prepare the paint and brush then paint the table according to the tint.

How to make a wall folding table is not difficult you can finish it in just a few hours. You can also get tools and materials at a building shop or material shop. This wall folding table is suitable for those of who live in apartment units because besides adding to the elegant impression, it can also save space usage.

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