Want to beautify the garden? It’s incomplete if you haven’t put a garden chair. But before choosing the type and design of garden chairs, there are some important things that you should pay attention to. Materials or materials should be a concern because they are related to durability. Aesthetically, rattan material can be an option. But unfortunately, this material does not have long durability because it is not climate resistant. Conversely, iron material is more durable but easily corroded, which can damage the aesthetics.

Not only paying attention to materials but choosing a park bench must also pay attention to its function. As a place for a family gathering, it is advisable to choose a park bench with a circular table. This allows for more seat placement. Meanwhile, the box table will limit the number of seats itself.

Now, after knowing what are the important things that must be considered in choosing a garden chair, now is the time for you to choose a garden chair design that best suits your taste. Come on, see below.

Acapulco Garden Chair

Unique Garden Chair 2

Did you know, it turns out that this park bench design was inspired by the Mayans, you know. The workers who make the Acapulco chairs use the traditional Mayan weaving method that is usually used to make hammocks. Even though it is made with traditional methods, the results are still stylish and unique. Add a few cushions with a pillowcase to your liking to complete the look. Guaranteed, this park bench will be a favorite spot for anyone who visits your house.

Papasan Braided Garden Chair

Unique Garden Chair 3

Papasan braided garden bench is made of tight woven rattan with chair legs made of steel. This garden bench design looks simple but still manages to bring a natural impression and feel to the residence because the basic material is made of wood. Unfortunately, this material is less durable if too often exposed to rain or hot sun.

Bertoia Diamond Garden Chair

Unique Garden Chair 4

Bertoia diamond was created with a futuristic concept. This garden bench design is perfect for placing on the side of the pool or in your yard filled with green plants. The basic material of diamond-studded garden benches made of stainless steel makes you not have to worry about this bench rusting quickly.

Wired Garden Chairs from Eames-Style

Unique Garden Chair 5

The next contemporary and stylish garden bench design is the wire garden chair designed by Eames-style. Even though it is called a wire park bench, take it easy because this bench is not actually made of wire. The stool is so-called because of its small design with slim steel meshes that form a chair. To make it more comfortable to use, you can add a soft cushion to the chair.

S-Style Garden Chair

Unique Garden Chair 6

Want to choose an unusual garden bench design? This chair is perfect for your choice. The Panton chair has no legs but uses a chair body shape that forms an S with the bottom of the chair sweeping back. The material is hard, sturdy, durable, and also scratch-resistant. So, it is very suitable for use in the yard or in the outdoor area of ​​the house.

Industrial Style Metal Garden Chairs

Unique Garden Chair 7

This one bench is quite commonly used in a Country with tropics season. The material of this park bench is made of metal which has been polished until it is shiny and smooth. These benches are not recommended to be placed in the house or in a tiled area because they can scratch the surface.

How, are the designs interesting? Those were some of the inspiration for garden chair designs that you can choose to beautify the garden in your residence. For added comfort, don’t forget to equip your lawn chair with a small table to place a drink or snack while you relax in the garden.

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