The interior design of an ordinary house reflects the character and taste of the owner. That is why you must carefully determine the interior style that makes you and your family feel comfortable. If you are bored with the usual, a bohemian design style can be an attractive alternative for you.

Bohemian design style synonymous with a nomadic lifestyle that is free or not fixed. This concept is closely related to the gypsy population in Europe in the 1800s. Well, for those of you who want to apply a bohemian interior design style to a residence, let’s first understand the characteristics and characters below.

  1. Does not give the impression of luxury
Bohemian Style 2

Forget the impression of luxury if you choose this interior design. Because this interior style is synonymous with messy and not pretentious. Irregularity is the key to implementing a bohemian interior design that you must understand. However, that does not mean you are encouraged to let things scattered in the house, huh.

  1. Use of bold or contrasting colors
Bohemian Style 3

You don’t have to be careful in combining colors if you want to use a bohemian-style interior at home. The bohemian style will be thicker with a bold color game. For example, the use of patterned wallpaper with a dark red color is combined with a sofa whose red tone is different from the color of the wallpaper. Even though it looks messy, the combination will produce a special artistic nuance.

  1. Use of goods own creation
Bohemian Style 4

If you are a person who likes to make DIY items, then a bohemian interior style is the right choice for you. This interior style allows you to display your own creations. Cardboard boxes, used bottles, cans, and other objects can be used to make new products that have use-value.

  1. The natural light entering the house
Bohemian Style 5

Bohemian style is also closely related to natural lighting. You can install large windows, glass walls, or skylights so that the house gets maximum natural light. Natural lighting will make the house look natural and the bohemian style will stand out even more.

  1. The special artificial lighting
Bohemian Style 6

To complement the natural lighting of the house, of course, you also have to choose the right artificial lighting concept to highlight the bohemian impression. Bohemian design is synonymous with the use of lamps in the form of lanterns and candlesticks (candle holders).

  1. The use of the dominant fabric
Bohemian Style 7

The use of textile materials with bold motifs is very representative of the bohemian design style. If you are good at creating with scraps of fabric, use scraps of fabric to make DIY items. You can use it to make curtains, pillowcases, and ethnic displays.

  1. Matches with antique furniture
Bohemian Style 8

Those of you who like antique furniture will definitely feel that it fits into bohemian interior design. Because the placement of antique furniture will strengthen the bohemian impression in your home. Make sure that the antique furniture of your choice is still functioning properly so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly if used for a long time.

  1. A wall composition that feels full
Bohemian Style 9

Another characteristic that is closely related to the bohemian style is the composition of the walls which are full of displays. You can display paintings, photos, dreamcatchers, and other types of displays. The right composition of wall displays will create an artistic impression that cannot be found in other residences.

  1. Placement of indoor plants
Bohemian Style 10

The natural impression of the bohemian-style interior can be applied from the placement of indoor plants. You should choose plants that are easy to care for and that are effective at repelling mosquitoes. Several types of plants that are suitable for placing indoors include sansevieria, betel ivory, yellow palm, and peace lily.

  1. Floors equipped with patterned carpets
Bohemian Style 11

Another distinctive feature of the bohemian design is the use of patterned rugs for floor mats. You are free to choose the motif and carpet color that you like. However, don’t forget to clean the carpet regularly so that the color is not dull due to the dirt that sticks to the surface.

How? Are you attracted to the bohemian design style? With the references and characteristics above, you can easily apply this free-looking interior style to your favorite home.

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