Marriage is a once in a lifetime moment for every couple who wants to build a family together. But generally, the cost of a wedding, especially including decorations, reaches tens or even hundreds of millions. No wonder if you finally decide to just look for wedding decorations at home to save costs.
A lavish wedding party will certainly eat a relatively large budget. Rather than being consumed by mere prestige, a home wedding is quite adequate, as long as it ensures that the wedding decorations at home are simple and inexpensive.
One proven way to save money is to DIY your wedding decorations at home, the result is no less festive, even more memorable. Just look at examples of wedding decorations at home below!

The Bridal Table, The Main Focus of the Wedding

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations

The wedding table needs to be the main focus of the wedding ceremony. No need to be complicated, wedding decorations at home are usually only in the form of cloth, flowers, and additional ornaments to decorate the wedding table.
As a backdrop for the table, use sheer drapes or curtains. If you want to look busier, your wedding decorations at home need to be adjusted to the theme that is being carried, for example adding glitter powder or gold accents.
Vary the curtains, for example, crossed like this, then given additional ornamental plants. You can try the inspiration for wedding decorations at home if you want to raise the garden wedding concept.
On the table, place flower arrangements that match the background cloth. Home wedding decorations will feel lighter if you add candles at the end of the table, either large or small with a tall container.

Guest Dining Table with Simple Elegance

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations

Home wedding decorations also need to be installed on the guest dining table which is no less important than the bridal table. Enough with a glass bottle as a vase and a few flower bouquets.
To decorate a long table, place a glass bottle filled with flowers 50 cm or 70 cm apart. Try to choose a small glass bottle so that it doesn’t interfere with the views and movements of the guests’ hands. If you want wedding decorations at home that seem more personal, you can also put the name cards of each guest in their sitting position at the table.

Often Forgotten, The Greeting Board

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations

Invitation boards are often forgotten, even though their presence is quite important, especially as a wedding decoration at home. Like yellow coconut leaves, greeting boards like this one help inform the location of the celebration. If you have typography skills, take advantage of a blackboard then give it a unique frame.
If you want your wedding decorations at home to be simpler, use wooden planks and decorate them with greenery or flowers. The contents of the writing are brief. For example, the greeting, the name of the bride and groom, and the date of the event.

Display Table Area

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations

The display table is usually an area to fill in the guest book too. Generally, pre-wedding photo frames will be juxtaposed with wedding decorations at other homes to match the theme being carried.
For example, for an elegant theme, a wedding decoration at home that can be added is a candle in a geometrically shaped container. The photo frame and candleholder materials should be shiny and golden. Add various kinds of flowers such as baby breath to enhance the appearance of your wedding decorations at home.
If you want a simple home wedding decoration, you can apply the following inspiration. Provide a plain wooden table without a tablecloth. Then, decorate it with many photo frames. Add the bride’s nameplate and spread the roses on the table.

Spot Photos for Keepsakes

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations

Before ending the wedding, be sure to take a photo first. For the photos to be more memorable and beautiful, one of the wedding decorations at home that you must make is a photo spot.
For example, against the background of wooden planks decorated with garlands. If there is more budget, you can add fabrics to complement the wedding decorations in a rustic-themed house. When looking back at the photos, the nuance is guaranteed to be like a wedding in a building.
That’s the inspiration for simple wedding decorations at home that are cheap and easy to make. It doesn’t need to be luxurious and big, the important thing is to be able to share happiness with family and friends, right?

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