European-style architecture is easily found in almost all parts of the world. Apart from its charming shape, in ancient times Europeans colonized many countries so that it brought architectural influences to local buildings including European-style houses.

European Style 2

European style houses are divided into various types such as gothic, baroque, classic, art nouveau, and art deco styles. Just like other stylish houses, European style houses have a characteristic that makes them worldwide. What are the characteristics of these European-style houses in general?

  1. European style house consists of 2 floors
European Style 3

The main characteristic of a European style house is that it consists of 2 floors. This European style house has high ceilings so that from the outside, the house also looks very tall. Because it consists of 2 floors and high ceilings, this European style house feels cool and luxurious.

  1. Has a chimney
European Style 4

All European style houses have a chimney protruding from the roof. With the presence of the chimney, the smoke from the burnt wood will be carried out of the house so that the occupants of the house will not be poisoned or experience shortness of breath. The inside of the house feels even more comfortable because it is warm, especially if all family members gather together around this fireplace.

  1. The European style house has a sloping roof and is high
European Style 5

From the outside, European-style houses generally have high sloping roofs. Thus, the roof and the shape of the house will look balanced. A sloping roof will be easier to clean when dirty from dust or fallen leaves, compared to a flat roof.

However, for several other European countries such as France, the roof shape is not sloping and high but has a dome and simple lines. Whereas in Spain, European-style houses use roofs that tend to be flat and are covered with tiles made of clay.

  1. Have pillars
European Style 6

Because the size of a European-style house is very large, it’s no wonder you often see towers or pillars on the inside and outside of the house. On the inside of the house, pillars are usually used as a divider for each room. While the pillars on the outside of the house, usually there are 2 pieces on the right and left of the entrance to the house. The pillars outside the house rise from the ground to the top floor of the house.

  1. Identical to large windows
European Style 7

The windows in European style houses are basically large in size. The shape can resemble a rectangle with firm corners or a rectangle with a curved section at the top.

  1. European style houses have balconies
European Style 8

The balcony is a porch that juts out from the house and is located on the top floor of the house. This balcony can be small or large according to the size of the European style house itself. The balcony area of ​​a house and the inside of the house is connected by a wooden door or glass door.

  1. Has a facade with lots of details
European Style 9

The splendor and beauty of a European-style house can be seen not only in the interior of the house but also on the exterior, especially the facade. Some European-style houses, whose facades are made of brick and coated with paint, usually have beautiful carvings around the windows in a shiny color like gold. When exposed to sunlight, of course, it will look very beautiful.

  1. European style houses are decorated with many elements of decoration
European Style 10

In the interior of a European-style house, there are various kinds of decorative elements. This decoration element is not merely an interior decoration, but also an object of very high artistic value.

  1. The main door is magnificent
European Style 11

European-style houses are synonymous with grandeur, so the choice of door models and designs for European-style homes must be balanced.

After reading the explanation above, can you now distinguish a European-style house from other stylish houses?

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