Are you a K-Drama fan? Stories in Korean dramas often depict the real life of the Korean people. Apart from stories and actresses and actors, the design of houses or apartments in Korean dramas often steal the attention of the audience. Not infrequently, decorations that appear at K-Drama are also a trend loved by many people.

In addition, there were more Korean people living in apartments so that many of the viewers took part in cheating on ideas and residential designs from Ginseng Country. The Korean design style is quite unique because it still combines traditional styles with natural elements in a residence but still looks luxurious. Want to see inspiration and characteristics? Check it out below.

The use of wood materials

kordramas apartment 2

The interior scheme of Korean design uses more wood materials. Usually, the wood used is light-colored and has a straight grain. Bright colors will give a bright and spacious impression to the room, while also creating a feeling of warmth and harmony with other colors and motifs in the apartment. This wood material is a favorite because of its ability to enter a natural atmosphere into a dwelling.

Dominant natural colors

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To complement the wood element in the residence, the colors used are calm, neutral, and tend to be monochromatic. Usually, white is the color that dominates almost the entire house. Apart from white, you can also add a few other accent colors that are a bit lighter, such as light gray, light brown, beige, blue, and so on. One example of a room from the most famous Korean drama that uses monochromatic colors is Do Min Joon’s room in the drama My Love From Another Star. The room design is dominated by dark gray and black colors, which look classy with friendly lighting.

Without a bed

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One of the most visible characteristics of rooms in Korean dramas is the habit of Korean people sleeping on the floor without a bed. Usually, residents get rid of the bed and only use thin boards and mattresses instead. This also serves to minimize the use of large furniture which will take up a lot of space in the room. This method also makes the atmosphere of the room more spacious and cozy.

Stand on the floor

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Korean apartment styles often use flat and low furniture. All placement of objects is made as comfortable as possible. This is what causes more furniture to be placed directly on the floor. In addition to placing the mattress directly on the floor without the bed, you can also add a seat to the floor or sleeping area. Use a cushion as a base for a sitting area, choose a low table with traditional cushions. Apart from living in the living room or bedroom, Korean people also usually eat on the floor at a short table. For that, complete the room with comfortable floor materials and carpets. This habit is indeed often found in Asian countries.

Implement a Mezzanine design

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In Korean dramas, you will often find characters living in studio apartments. Well, one of the smart designs to take advantage of this studio apartment space is to make a mezzanine. This mezzanine room design can make the sleeping area more private because it won’t be immediately visible to visiting friends. In Korea, the design of an apartment room with a mezzanine is usually called an apartment or double-floor house (Bok Cheung).

Natural space lighting

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One of the main things that Korean design emphasizes is creating a harmonious space through natural lighting. Natural light is the most effective means of illuminating interiors directly without additional lighting. This form of natural lighting is more friendly to the eye and makes the room fresher and healthier. This is seen in various home styles in Korean dramas and films. Call it the most famous Korean film today, Parasite. The house in the film Parasite has large glass windows with beautiful garden views.

In fact, the interior design of houses and apartments in Korean dramas is almost the same in terms of lighting, materials used and colors are chosen. however, in some dramas, it also carries the impression of luxury home to “back to nature”. I hope this article is useful.

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