If you pay attention, there are many differences in interior design in the style of Eastern culture and Western culture. For example, Japanese home interior design with nordic country house interior design. These two designs have very striking differences, especially in space utilization and space decoration. However, these two interior styles can apparently be combined and produce a harmonious interior design style called Japandi interior design or Japandi Interior Style.

This design can be a solution for those of you who might be arguing with family members. For example, one party wants a Western-style interior design and the other party wants an Eastern-style design. You can try Japandi interior design as a fair decision because it summarizes the styles of both cultures.

No need to be confused to get started. In the following, SpaceStock will explain about the combination of two cultural interior design called Japandi interior design.

Getting to know Japandi Style

Getting to know Japandi Style
Getting to know Japandi Style

Japandi Style (Japanese and Scandinavian Style) is an interior design style that began to emerge in 2017. This design is a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian-style interior design, so it is shortened to “Japandi”.

The two styles or designs clearly have different touches, even quite a contrast. However, both of them emphasize the aesthetically pleasing minimalist side so that when they are put together in one room, these two styles can complement each other. Furthermore, the interior of the house will produce the perfect design combination.

Japandi Style elements

Japandi Style elements
Japandi Style elements

If you look at 2 different cultural elements, it is certain that these elements come from Japanese and Nordic touches. The first element in Japandi Style is a distinctively Japanese style design. The Japanese style interior design style is very famous for its elegant traditional elements. The Japanese Style concept carries the wasabi-Sabi style which means there is beauty in imperfection.

The second element is definitely from the Nordic Style which is full of modern-rustic touches. In nordic style, it is known as hygge (pronounced: hoo-ga) which emphasizes modern elements, coziness, and homeyness in the interior design of the room.

The two elements mix together to form a harmonious blend of interior design which is better known as the Japandi Style.

Japandi Interior Design Ideas

Japandi Interior Design Ideas
Japandi Interior Design Ideas

After knowing the meaning, philosophy, and elements behind Japandi interior design, now is the time for you to start an idea or inspiration to present this design in your home. You can apply the following inspirations to make your home look more elegant and harmonious.

Living Room

The Japandi interior design that is applied in the living room will present a natural style in the room. You can choose furniture made of wood, wooden or bamboo dividers, and take advantage of some ornamental plants in the living room.

The hallmark of this design is the presence of ornamental plants in one corner of the room which is considered very striking and can attract attention.

Dining Room

You can make Japandi interior design in the dining room by choosing furniture and room decorations to taste. Make sure the tables carry a traditional concept, for example by choosing a dining table made of wood instead of glass or iron.

Next, choose a wall color with lighter paint such as white and gray. We recommend that you don’t put too many ornaments in the dining room because it will reduce the aesthetic value of Japandi Style.


A bedroom with a Japandi interior design is very easy for you to make. However, you need to know that the Japanese style and Scandinavian style interior design styles have a striking color difference. Japanese Style prioritizes dark color tones, while Scandinavian Style prioritizes bright colors.

However, you can combine the two in the selection of room furniture and accessories without having to highlight one color from each style. You only need to adjust the color selection, for example, use dark colors for beds, cabinets, shelves, and blankets. Then you can choose bright colors to paint the walls and bed covers.


One of the hallmarks of Japandi interior design for a bathroom is the distance between one piece of furniture and another. Thus, the minimalist concept in the room can be seen.


In general, Japandi’s interior design puts forward an elegant blend of colors. You can combine the two furniture styles of these two cultures so as to present the perfect variation in your kitchen. Furthermore, cooking activities in the kitchen will be more enthusiastic.

Tips for Choosing Japandi Style Furniture and Decoration

Tips for Choosing Japandi Style Furniture and Decoration
Tips for Choosing Japandi Style Furniture and Decoration

Another factor that will influence the success of designing a home interior with Japandi Style is the selection of furniture and decorations. Although these two cultures have striking differences in furniture taste.

However, you can combine them perfectly so that it will produce a unique and attractive room style. To do this, you just have to follow the tips for choosing furniture and decorations to present the following Japandi Style concepts.

Living Room Sofa In Dark Color

The first choice of furniture that you can do is to choose a dark sofa for the living room. A dark sofa can represent a Japanese style in a room.

You only combine it with other bright or pastel-colored furniture that can present a Scandinavian style, for example with a minimalist table with a bright white tablecloth.

Artificial Plants

Natural or natural elements are very important in the concept of making Japandi interior designs. One way is by presenting artificial indoor plants. This plant will make the room elegant and look more alive.

There are no rules for choosing certain types of plants, you should choose ornamental plants that are easy to maintain.

Hanging lights

The chandelier is very suitable and identical to the Scandinavian style which carries a modern-rustic concept. This tool can be a room decoration to present a modern impression and to complement other room furniture with traditional themes from Japanese Style.

Bright Color Shelf

A light-colored TV rack, shoe rack, or bookshelf is definitely synonymous with Scandinavian style. Choice of bright color shelves, for example, white or pastel. But, before choosing the right color, make sure you combine it with other furniture with Japanese Style.

Have a minimalist dining table set

Furniture from Japandi Style always has a minimalist theme. You will be successful in implementing this interior design if you apply it indoors. Therefore, you can choose a minimalist dining table set that will make the room look more attractive.

That’s an explanation of Japandi interior design accompanied by ideas in designing and tips for choosing furniture. Imagine, a minimalist Japanese-style arrangement plus a beautiful and minimalist Scandinavian concept, guaranteed to make the eye feel at home seeing the whole room.

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