Property friends, modular home construction is now increasingly being looked at, but not a few people are skeptical. Try talking with friends about modular house construction. Most likely, there are those who think that the modular house design is rigid. In fact, the myth is not true.

The flexibility of building a modular house is not compensated by the limitations of the design. In fact, the modular home design can be customized according to the property mate’s wishes. Want a minimalist, modern, rustic, or classic style house? Everything can be arranged.

Ranch Style Modular Homes

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The Casita 850 model developed by MA Modular from Texas, United States, depicts a ranch house style modular home design. The building, which consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom, is actually small in size but looks spacious because of its façade creations. You can copy the idea with elongated modular house design, a large yard, and wall covering in the form of or resembling wood.

Minimalist Stilt House Modular Style

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The design of The weeHouse by Alchemy Architects from Minnesota, United States, is similar to a traditional Indonesian stilt house. Consists of two modular units placed side by side, allowing for a wider layout. The minimalist impression appears because the facade is minimal in decoration. However, the interior is actually quite luxurious. The floor plan includes two beds and two bathrooms, complete with a living room and a spacious kitchen.

Open Floor Design Suitable for Millennial Families

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The modular house design named Luna was also born by MA Modular. Its main features are the super large sliding glass windows and spacious verandas, placed between two modular units that are not sided by side. The floor plan resembles the letter H, consisting of three beds and two bathrooms. The idea is perfect for property friends who are married.

Apart from these three ideas, there are many more modular home designs that can be explored and developed. Modular construction can be created in any style according to your aesthetic property. If one day you are bored with residential design, it can be renovated again easily.

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