The application of design and architecture is not limited to modern, classic or minimalist styles. In fact, the wealth of design and architectural styles is so diverse that it allows you to design your home freely and according to your personal taste, such as by adopting an eclectic style.

Having a unique character, an eclectic style residence is very fitting for those of you who want to design a house with a catchy and non-monotonous impression. So, what is an eclectic style in design and architecture like?

Get to know eclectic styles in interiors and architecture

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Eclectic is a design and architectural style that was popular in the 19th century. This style combines historical elements as basic elements to create something authentic, new and unprecedented by prioritizing freedom of expression.

In interior design and architecture, eclectic styles cover a variety of things, from building structures, decorative motifs, furniture selection, application of ethnic or style elements from other countries, to the incorporation of historical elements. In appearance, this design style is often mirrored in the past so you can see classic design elements such as Victorian or Gothic styles.

Application of Full Detail and Motif Decoration

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In applying an eclectic style, the use of decorations that are full of detail and artistic value is dominant. You can see a room filled with furniture with very detailed carvings, the use of large curtains, to luxurious sofa cushions.

In addition, the eclectic style also makes use of geometric patterns such as vertical, zigzag, horizontal, or circular on a number of elements such as carpets and sofas.

Combining Aesthetic and Functional Furniture

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Apart from prioritizing the use of beautiful furniture, eclectic style is also synonymous with the use of practical and functional furniture. To apply it, you can combine vintage and modern furniture, for example, placing an antique cupboard side by side with a modern-style chair.

Even though there is a collaboration of various types of furniture, make sure you choose one core color from the room color scheme to balance the overall look of the room in an eclectic style.

Unique and Stylish Focal Points

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In character, the eclectic style does combine several design styles at once. However, this application cannot be done carelessly because ideally there should be a focal point so it doesn’t seem messy.

To determine the focal point of an eclectic style room, there are various elements that you can use, for example, the placement of artwork in the form of paintings, classic framed photos, walls with unique textures, even a billiard table like the one in this picture.

Floor, Wall and Roof Character in an Eclectic Style

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Although the eclectic style is dominated by artistic decoration and furniture, there is a special character that is applied to the roof, walls, and floors. For floors, this style usually utilizes the use of solid wood materials, tiles, or parquet floors decorated with Turkish or Indian carpets.

Meanwhile, the roof uses cement material which is decorated with contemporary crystal chandeliers or lamps. Turning to the walls, generally, the eclectic style adopts the use of decorative wallpaper with bright basic colors such as white and brown.

Historical Accessories as an Eclectic Style Identity

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In applying eclectic style decorations, you should also display accessories that are full of historical value so that it gives the impression that you have been collecting them for a long time. You can use accessories that contain fond memories of the past, accessories related to the future or ethnic accessories with vintage nuances.

Having a unique, artistic, colorful character and getting a little vintage touch, the eclectic style is very suitable for those of you who want to create a more lively atmosphere in your home. So, are you interested in adopting an eclectic style in a residential interior?

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