A dream house that still accentuates the style side does not have to spend deeply. Because, you can have a house that is quite comfortable at a relatively cheaper cost, such as a container house.

There have been many people who use modified containers as a place to live. By adding various tools such as doors, windows, and furniture, containers can become comfortable homes. Here is Irene’s leak on why a container house can be your alternative in owning a house!

  1. The container house is easy to modify
Container House 2

Is it easy to get bored with the same house style? Want to show high aesthetics at home? Want to keep prioritizing the contemporary style of the house? If so, the container house is the most suitable house for you because it is easy to modify.

In big cities, there are quite a few buildings made of containers with various models. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and time on remodeling the container house because almost all parts of the container house are semi-permanent and easy to move. So, you can create according to your taste!

  1. A tiny container house can be your dream house
Container House 3

In the past, a large house seemed to be a symbol of comfort and stability, but now the trend has shifted. Especially in most urban communities. In today’s era, realizing a large residence is not easy.

Apart from being expensive, high taxes and difficulty in maintaining it prevented people from having a large occupancy. Although many types of tiny houses are created, including the creation of a modern minimalist house in vertical form as a solution to this problem, container houses remain a favorite because of their affordable prices and are more flexible when arranged.

  1. Disaster resistant container house
Container House 4

The solid frame of the container house and the strong metal material of the container is very resistant to various disasters such as fire, flood, and even earthquake. Apart from following the latest trends and accentuating style, our safety is also number one, right?

  1. Minimalist and space-saving through the container house
Container House 5

Because it has a small area, we are required to be able to arrange the house as effectively as possible, in addition to choosing minimalist furniture that looks simple as well as using space-saving furniture such as folding tables, choosing the right color is also important if you plan to live in a container house. So, choose carefully and don’t get the wrong space, especially a small living room. Avoid beginner mistakes when setting up a small living room!

  1. Low prices are also an advantage of container houses
Container House 6

A comfortable residence that follows style does not always have to spend more. Now we have encountered various models of houses at affordable prices. However, the ideal residence that is still stylish and affordable is a container house.

Online buying and selling sites have provided many variations of container houses for those of you who are looking for them.

  1. The container house is unique!
Container House 7

Different from minimalist home designs in general, this container house looks different. The unique appearance that the container house presents is the latest style in today’s era.

The shape is indeed a box, but that is what makes this container house different from the usual houses. You can also modify it into other box shapes, just adjust it to the number of containers available and your creativity!

  1. Simplicity is the advantage of a container house
Container House 8

Even though the impression of simplicity is always visible in a large room with little furniture in it, minimalist space in a container house with regular furniture and not large in size also gives the impression of simplicity.

This is because the selection of room decor and furniture must be careful in the container house. In addition, small container houses should also be equipped with multifunctional furniture such as sofa beds or folding tables, as well as multipurpose storage areas such as large cabinets.

  1. Green starts with container houses
Container House 9

As time goes by, the environment must be more and more preserved in order to be more sustainable. Houses as usual tend to use wood as the foundation or the frame of their houses, many of which end up being neglected so that the function of wood as the main material for making houses is in vain.

However, with the latest minimalist residential trends such as container houses, this has indirectly saved the environment because container houses do not use wood as the frame and foundation of their houses. Then, container houses can also be moved much more easily than wooden houses.

  1. With a container house, you can be creative
Container House 10

The architecture of a container house, including its facade, can be made according to what you want. So, you can create a container house according to your personality – make it look elegant with a luxurious concept, simple with a Scandinavian style, or feminine with a shabby chic interior style, everything can be customized!

Well, that’s container house inspiration for you. After seeing everything, are you interested in living in a container house?

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