Designing a workspace in the house, of course, must make people in it comfortable and not pressured. A relaxed atmosphere is needed so that work can look fun and more effective. But what about the workspace for art activists?

The design of the room in the house needs to be adjusted according to the owner. For owners who work in the art sector, of course, they want a more inspiring workspace so that they can provide new ideas for their work. The following designs will be suitable to be applied as workspaces for art activists, especially in drawing or painting.

art studio 2

The workspace directly adjacent to the yard is more refreshing in the room. In addition, the door is made into a sliding door so that space can be maximized. The spotlights on the ceiling help show what his work will look like when displayed or displayed in a gallery.

art studio 3

There is never anything wrong with using white. This color makes the room bright and also looks spacious. The work studio is equipped with a variety of furniture for placing painting tools such as a stroller on top. Makes it easy when carrying large numbers of tools.

art studio 4

In addition to strengthening the roof of the building, the use of a plane truss on the roof supports provides an aesthetic value to the room. The room on the roof is left semi-open on the walls so that air circulation can enter and exit regularly. Of course, it will provide freshness when working with the breeze passing through the room.

art studio 5

Simple enough for a workspace. By arranging various tables and long tables as the main table for placing things. Lighting and air circulation from the outdoors are also maximized with sliding glass windows that can be opened wide.

art studio 6

The artistic impression was given to the floor of the room. This white room with a pattern on the floor already shows the uniqueness of this space itself.

art studio 7

If previously there were many designs that showed open spaces. This design is different. With wood materials throughout the room, showing a warm and closed space. With some natural lighting through the windows and also a light in the middle of the ceiling.

art studio 8

A hard worker certainly wants to be able to work every time. Whether it’s morning or night because inspiration can come suddenly. For this reason, the room must be able to provide sufficient lighting for this painter so that he can work at night. With dominant white paint and a bright chandelier, it will provide illumination when the painter creates his work.

art studio 9

The use of materials will affect the atmosphere of the room. In this design, the use of concrete and gray floors gives a cool and cool feel. The room that matches the user’s interests can provide inspiration in pouring his work because of the comfort that the design brings.

art studio 10

The use of natural materials such as natural stones and natural colors as shown in the design above will be good for the painter’s relaxation. It can be seen that the painting in the form of a flower shows that the painter really likes and enjoys nature and its surroundings.

art studio 11

If you don’t have a large space, the corner of the hallway in the house can also function as an art studio. The table is placed following the existing wall line. the colors in the room, namely black and white, are very pleasing to the eye. What is also important is the natural lighting of the skylights.

art studio 12

Unusual forms of space can also fulfill the eccentric desire of an artist. The trapezoid-shaped room helps the painter to think outside the box. Openings are also maximized on one side directly facing the garden of the house. Of course, the home garden also helps the painter to relax more.

art studio 13

An art studio that is not connected to the house is also an option. Away from the noise and hustle and bustle of the house, the painter can do his work more comfortably. Not far from that separate room there is also a swimming pool that can help clear your mind by swimming or just relaxing around it.

art studio 14

Still, in a separate studio room from the main house, this design provides a large opening in the corner of the room through the folding door. It is also unique and unusual to put openings in the area. An eccentric room shows the owner also has a great taste for art.

What kind of model will you use as a reference for an art studio? I hope this article is useful.

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