Having a dream home is certainly not complete without the presence of your favorites corner. For those of you who are book lovers who have a hobby of reading, presenting a mini library in your home is perhaps the most important element in your dream house.
Regardless of personal desires, presenting a reading room generally requires additional space. However, for those of you who have limited space in the house, you don’t need to worry because you can apply the concept of a mini-library which certainly doesn’t take up much space.
Interested in presenting a mini library to complete your dream home design? Take a peek at the following various inspirations to present a mini-library that is comfortable and neat in a residence.
1. Corner of the room with an all-white color

mini library 2

A mini-library doesn’t have to be a complete room. If you have an unused corner of the room, you can also turn it into a comfortable reading corner.
The white application on the bookshelf in the mini library gives a neat impression that is suitable for a minimalist concept dwelling. Not only does it make the room feel wider, but the books on display will also contrast and add to the beauty of the room.
2. Magic one side of the room into a mini library

mini library 3

Not only the corner of the room, but one side of the room can also be a mini library which is quite interesting as in the inspiration above. Take advantage of the floor lamp for additional lighting and place a comfortable minimalist sofa near a shelf full of books so that it is easy to choose the book you want to read.
3. Take advantage of the space under the stairs

mini library 4

The space under the stairs is often unused space. However, with creativity, you can turn this area into a mini library complete with a comfortable and attractive reading corner. The wooden cabinet under the stairs in this mini-library brings a natural impression to the house.
4. Add a comfortable sitting room

mini library 5

A mini-library is definitely not complete without a comfortable sitting room. If you don’t have enough space to build a built-in reading corner like the previous inspiration, placing soft chairs like armchairs and soft stools can be a solution.
5. Take advantage of the empty wall of the staircase

mini library 6

Have you ever thought about maximizing the space in the household area? This mini-library uses the walls of the household stairs as a location to display the occupants’ book collections.
Certainly anti-mainstream, this wall shelf that is mounted on the wall of this mini-library also beautifies the staircase area and provides additional functions to the previously empty wall space.
6. Maximize the attic of the house

mini library 7

Talking about using the remaining space to create a mini library, the next alternative that you can use is the attic of the house. However, make sure the attic space is designed in such a way as to get good lighting and optimal air circulation so that the space remains comfortable.
7. Special mezzanine reading corner

mini library 8

If you have a room with enough height, you can also be creative by building a mezzanine floor and turning it into a mini-library that is unique, interesting, and of course comfortable. You can also spend time relaxing while reading your books.
Lots of ways, right, how to create a mini-library corner within the limited space in your house? The solution to the limited space is to arrange the furniture and decorations in the house to create a comfortable mini library for you, book lovers.

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