The walls of the house are one of the most visible objects in a room. Therefore, the walls of the house must look beautiful. Some paint it with a cool wall paint color, some leave the brick wall exposed without scolding, some don’t want to bother so that it covers it with house wall wallpaper.

Wallpaper for the walls of the house does have several advantages, one of which is that wallpaper does not contain as much chemical content as wall paint so it is safe for health. In addition, the colors and motifs of the wallpaper are very diverse so that they can be adjusted to the wishes of the residents. The durability is long enough and when removed it will not damage the walls of the house.

here are some tips for the perfection of your home:

  1. Adjust the wallpaper for the walls of the house with the character of the inhabitants
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There are several things that influence the choice of colors and motifs of home wall wallpapers according to the character of the occupants, such as living room decorations that reflect personality. For example, your favorite color or lucky color. For rooms that are shared, such as the dining room and family room, you should use a neutral colored wallpaper or one that has been mutually agreed upon.

  1. Wallpaper for walls of houses with high and narrow ceilings
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What if the room in the house has a high ceiling but is narrow in size? You can use home wall wallpapers with horizontal or horizontal motifs and not too crowded. For example, horizontal stripes or floral motifs are not too tight.

Wallpaper motif that is too busy will make the room look even narrower. Color selection can also affect the illusion effect. Therefore, choose a color wallpaper for the walls of the house that is lighter than the color of the ceiling.

  1. Bright colored wall covering
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If previously Kania has discussed home wall wallpapers for rooms with high and narrow ceilings, this time what will be discussed is a narrow room. To create the illusion of a wider room, use light colored wallpaper such as white, yellow, or light blue. Avoid using wallpaper that has a motif that is too busy.

  1. Wall wallpaper for a house with a spacious room
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A spacious room is basically suitable for using a variety of home wall wallpapers. For residents who are lazy to arrange the interior of a room and add decorations, choose home wallpaper with dark colors such as dark brown, dark blue, or purple. This way, the room will look less empty and will feel more comfortable and warm.

  1. Vintage-style home wallpaper
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Vintage style room is synonymous with tenderness. To decorate the interior with vintage designs, you need to use home wall wallpapers with vintage floral motifs that are easily found on the market.

  1. Scandinavian style home wallpaper
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Scandinavian-style rooms are characterized by natural nuances. The material that dominates the room is wood. For those of you who don’t want to use real wood material because it requires special care, replace the wood material using wood-patterned house wall wallpapers.

  1. Wallpaper in a Victorian style room
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The Victorian style room is synonymous with luxury and ornate with intricate carvings. For this room, the right home wall wallpaper motif is an intricate abstract carving motif. Whereas the most suitable colors are a purple, red, or white background with gold or silver accents for a luxurious impression.

  1. Choosing wallpaper for the walls of the house according to the type of room
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In one house there are various kinds of rooms. There are rooms that are formal in nature such as the living room and dining room. This formal space will work well if you use achromatic colors like black, white, or gray. For children’s playroom decoration, use bright colored wallpaper and attractive patterns such as animals, fruits, or celestial objects.

When the child is an adult, you can take off the wallpaper or change it according to your little one’s personality.

  1. Home wallpaper for low roof rooms
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A room with a low roof will create a stuffy atmosphere. To work around this, you must use home wall wallpaper that has a vertical motif or stands upright. For example, vertical stripes, tree motifs, and abstract motifs that extend upward.

  1. Adjust the wallpaper with the furniture in the room
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The harmonization of home wall wallpaper and furniture in the room also needs to be considered. If the existing furniture has busy motifs, you should use simple or plain patterned wallpaper with neutral colors. If the furniture used is in a minimalist style without a motive, you can use a patterned and colorful home wallpaper.

  1. Choosing wallpaper for the walls of the house for the bathroom
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The use of wallpaper for the walls of the house is not only for dry areas, wet areas such as bathrooms can also be used. It’s just that for the bathroom, you need to use wallpaper that is moisture resistant and waterproof like vinyl.

  1. Consider the light effect
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Existing lighting in a room can also affect the selection of home wall wallpaper. For a room that doesn’t get a lot of light, choose light colored wallpaper. For a bedroom where the lighting is soft and warm, it’s okay to use light colored wallpaper.

these are some tips for the perfection of your home. choose a wallpaper too in order to add to the beauty of your home. I hope this article is useful!

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