Every company must be aware that the existence of office space not only requires beauty and comfort but also needs a health element in its design. Healthy office space is very important for employees and company productivity.

This is why companies must pay attention to the condition of office space in the aspect of employee health because it will have an impact on work performance. If the employee’s work performance is good, then it is certain that it will be very profitable for the company in the long term.

Offices in big cities like Jakarta are generally very close to roads or toll roads. Office spaces tend to use refrigeration machines such as air conditioners and rarely use air filters. With this condition, it is not surprising that many employees are sick. This condition could also cause the coronavirus to be easily transmitted and spread.

So that the office space looks healthy and employees are always healthy, then you need to take some actions in organizing and designing a healthy office space. Here are some tips for creating a healthy office space design. However, you need to know the requirements for a healthy office space first.

Healthy Office Space Design Requirements

If you want to create a healthy office space, then try researching the health conditions of employees in the office first. Moreover, the conditions that are very prone to COVID-19, employees who work in offices must be willing to be open to each other with their conditions for the good of themselves and other employees.

Also, leaving employees may have something to do with the condition of the office space and you can benchmark in improving the conditions of the office space. Here are some important requirements in the design of a healthy office space that you need to pay attention to.

Air Condition

Healthy office space, of course, because the air conditions are clean and healthy too. Most of the office spaces in the city are already equipped with air conditioning. But, by using an air conditioning machine in the end the office space becomes very tightly closed.

All doors, windows, or vents are always closed every day. This situation will greatly interfere with air circulation in the room. Nowadays every office inevitably needs an air conditioning machine for employee work comfort.

However, the absence of air circulation will greatly affect the air quality in the room. To overcome this, you should open office windows every Saturday and Sunday as well as work holidays.

You also need to pay attention to the problem of pollution which will greatly affect the air conditioner in the office space. The closed room does not make the air in it free of pollutants.

Therefore, a powerful tool that is environmentally friendly is needed to deal with pollutants in the room. You can use several plants for air cleaning media. Apart from being a decoration in the design of office space, plants are very effective at keeping the air in the room clean.

Plant recommendations that you can choose are tongue-in-law plants, bamboo, or other plants that have good quality for decoration and resist pollutants.


Sunlight is very important for the human body because it is a synthesis of vitamin D, triggers the active activity of serotonin, and a natural anti-depressant in the brain. Sunlight has proven to be effective in preventing viral activity in the body. Therefore, as much as possible the office space gets enough sunlight.

But, even though natural light is good, don’t force it to rely solely on sunlight. You still need lighting from enough lights. In addition to providing a plus for decoration in space design, light is indispensable to work at the computer and to prevent eye damage.

Selection of Furniture

The choice of furniture used in the office must be adjusted to the posture and body dynamics of the people who use it. Important furniture such as chairs to support the body during working hours. There is also a table that is used for various work purposes.

During a pandemic, the selection of furniture must be appropriate and meet social distancing standards. It’s good when arranging furniture in the office space, you consider the distance between the furniture that will be used for work by employees.

Ideal Office Space Design

After knowing the requirements for healthy office space, now you can design a healthy office space design. Many healthy office space designs are already popular. You can choose one or try to design your creations.

However, you still have to pay attention to the requirements for a healthy office space. If you are still confused about choosing a healthy office space design, here are some recommendations for you to choose from.

Open Plan Office Design

Open Plan Office Design
Open Plan Office Design

One of the recent trends in office design is the non-partitioned office area that applies an open plan office or open workspace. This office space was adopted from a coworking space layout.

An office space designed with an open-plan office concept can make the relationship between employees working closer so that collaboration can increase. Also, a large enough room with lots of space is very supportive of employee health.

The layout of the workspace in the open-plan office design is very efficient for office space because from the investment side it is considered lower than building a cubical or room.

The workspace of an open plan office is simple and practical because you only need to provide one or more desk units that spread across a room. One table can be used for several workers at once.

For a healthy and elegant impression, you can add accessories in the form of several potted plants, add shelves, lighting arrangements, and other light accessories.

Natural Conference Office Room Design

Natural Conference Office Room Design
Natural Conference Office Room Design

The design of this office space is more like a meeting room so that in addition to working, it is also suitable for board and committee scale meeting activities. A discussion of minor issues to a sufficiently in-depth discussion can be done in the room. The design of this office space is characterized by a rectangular table that is placed as a central point and then surrounded by several chairs.

With this kind of situation, it will be easy for every employee to communicate and exchange ideas. This workspace gives a natural impression with the brown floor color that matches the wooden chairs and tables.

Wide-open windows will cause the room to get clean air and enough light so that the room is not crowded and brighter. Thus, the office space will be healthy and elegant.

Natural Office Space Design

Natural nuances are sure to make the heart calm and peaceful. Natural shades also always go hand in hand with health problems. You can choose a natural office space design with decorations of several green trees. Everyone who sees it will immediately be carried away into the natural atmosphere and will be more comfortable lingering in the office.

In this design, the function of wood materials is emphasized, for example for chairs and tables. There is nothing wrong with choosing rattan material for a different impression. Besides, the element of water is also needed so that the design of office space with natural nuances can bring higher comfort.

Modern Futuristic Office Space Design

Modern Futuristic Office Space Design
Modern Futuristic Office Space Design

You can still make a modern office from the exterior appearance of a futuristic modern architectural style while still carrying out a healthy office space design. This design will motivate so that every employee who works will try to move forward according to the times.

The hallmark of this design is the use of a flexible interior so that it can be used for both closed and open office spaces. In the application, you need to pay attention to all good facilities and furniture. The futuristic modern office space is known to be very comfortable and has a high totality to maintain employee health.

You can choose some of the healthy office space designs for the health of your employees and so you can be free from the COVID-19 pandemic. The health factor is not only for office space, but you must pay attention to health factors in the scope of other properties, such as housing and apartments. Also, make sure that the apartment unit you live in is guaranteed to be healthy and safe.

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