Did you know that color blocking is one of the most commonly used techniques for painting houses? The reason is that painting with this technique can create different accents and give the room an illusion. Basically, color blocking technique uses two or more colors that contrast with each other to give a bold and striking aesthetic touch. That way, your room will look stand out without the need for excessive interior design or room decoration!

Following color block ideas for your room:

  1. Unique color blocking partition
color block 2

Only by using paint, you can highlight certain spots from your room. For example, you can paint the lower part of the wall in a different color to create unique boundaries between the furniture in the room.

  1. Perform painting to the ceiling of the room
color block 3

Usually, the ceiling or ceiling of the house is an element of the room that is not too much attention. Well, you can highlight this part with color blocking techniques. If you want the ceiling of the room not to appear separate from the other walls, paint it up to the walls of the room by forming a certain pattern or line.

  1. Create a geometric pattern on the wall
color block 4

Color blocking technique and geometric pattern is an interesting combination for your home! You just have to choose some of the colors you want and the geometric shapes you like. There’s no need to paint the entire wall, you can make little geometric patterns that are just as aesthetically pleasing! But you also need to be careful in choosing the color combination of this pattern so as not to spoil the overall aesthetic of your room.

  1. Two-color walls
color block 5

Apart from these ideas, you can also paint the walls of your house in two main colors. Use one contrasting color and one neutral color for a bold impression but still don’t clash. Half-painted walls can also be made using tape to get a straight border, or you can also create the two colors for a more artistic look.

  1. Wall with a checkerboard or strip pattern
color block 6

You can also paint color blocking to get the look of checkered and striped walls in your home. This look is suitable for those of you who like patterned walls with solid colors.

  1. Camouflage the room door
color block 7

Want something new? Don’t limit painting to the walls and ceiling of the house. Also paint the room door according to the surrounding walls. Thus, the door blends in with the wall and gives off a unique impression!

  1. Painting only on one side of the wall
color block 8

One way to make a stand out appearance is to highlight the most important side of the room. Select the side of the wall that you want to highlight and give it a different color than the other side around it. Additional advice, use white on the other side of the wall to give a clean impression.

  1. Abstract Painting on Walls
color block 9

For those of you who like art, you can also make abstract paintings on the walls of the room while still using color blocking techniques. You can paint the entire wall or paint only certain parts of the wall.

After looking at all these color blocking painting ideas, have you figured out which one you want to try? Before starting the painting process, don’t forget to choose the right paint to use, OK!

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